Thursday, October 22

CoffeeShop "Hampstead Heath" Fine Art Texture & Paper Set!

I have a pile of textures and papers I need to release on my blog in the next weeks! This one is really gorgeous. I used a beautiful oil painting from John Constable called "Hampstead Heath"  to make this fine art texture along with Photoshop and several brushes. It even has an original border that I fell in love with.

I put some of my texture "recipes" down below so you can see how I used these textures in my own work.

Original images used in this post: (Fall Leaves, Butterfly, Baby). 

In the Fall Leaves image I first opened the texture and then added the leaves image on top. I put the leaves image in Overlay blending mode, 100% opacity. 

I noticed the leaves themselves were so dark and didn't really capture my attention as they should, so I added a Levels layer in Screen, 100% under them with a black mask. Then I painted back light where needed, which in this case was over the leaves.

In this butterfly images I added the texture twice, once in Screen, 100% and once in Soft Light, 100%. 

This washed out the butterfly too much, so I added a copy of the original image on top in Soft Light, 100% blending mode and added a black mask. Then I painted back in the contrast over the butterfly and flower.

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