Wednesday, February 19

CoffeeShop "Bridgette" Fine Art Texture Set

What a gloomy rainy week we are having. Sometimes I don't mind because I get more things done inside and I always have a pile of books, but I really miss the sunshine and going hiking at one of our neighborhood parks. I know it isn't the weather, it is your clothing, but when it is cold and rainy I just want to stay inside and relax. 

Today I wanted to share a new fine art texture set I made, named after one of my mother's best friends. This set is a gorgeous painterly texture and looks so nice on floral and still life images. I included three colors, but feel free to change the color to match your image. 

I love this edit!

And this is a slightly different technique, but I think it is so beautiful and winterly.

I added the image above my texture and put the image in Overlay blending mode. Then I added a Hue Saturation layer underneath it (over the texture) and reduced the color of that texture by using a Saturation of -35. Love this one!!!

Original Images: (Yellow Flower, Blue Flower, Pink Flower, Flowers in Snow).

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  1. Thanks for another great texture set. Love the edits on the wintery pic--really neat effect. ~Lisa


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