Thursday, June 27

CoffeeShop "Adore" Fine Art Texture Set!

Wow, it has been such a gloomy and wet summer this month. We had 5 inches of rain early this week (over one night) and almost 2 inches yesterday. 

I like the rain, it is great for the trees and grass, but I need to see some sun! Paul finally got the front porch painted between the rain storms, there were a few times he painted and a sudden thunderstorm popped up and rained on it.  I am hesitant to put any porch furniture on it until we have had a few dry days. 

He had taped up the porch banister with painter's tape and when we pulled it off it pulled off much of the original white paint on the wood, thanks to the high humidity and rain storms. So the kids and I have a project once it dries out. 

Since I am stuck inside today I wanted to create a new fine art texture set to share with you. I love this one, it looks so gorgeous on floral images (as seen in my tutorial below), but you can use it on any type of image you want. Try different blending modes like Soft Light, Overlay, Screen, or Multiple. You can also use these textures as digital papers for all of your favorite designs.

Original images: (Pink Flower, Yellow Flowers, Baby).

CoffeeShop "Adore" Texture Set Tutorial:

I used the green Adore texture in Soft Light blending mode and masked out the flowers with 50% gray on the texture's layer mask.

To do this in Photoshop/PSE, add a layer mask to the texture layer and then turn that layer off and click to select the flower layer. Use your favorite tool to select the flowers (I used the auto-select button on the magic wand). Once the flowers/vase are selected, turn on the texture layer and click on the layer mask on the texture layer and Editit with 50 % gray. 

I wanted a soft matte-effect, so I added an ivory solid Color Fill layer on top in Soft Light blending mode, 80% opacity.

I hope you love using these textures as much as I do! 

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