Tuesday, May 7

CoffeeShop "Sweet Enchantment B&W" Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Action!

I am so excited to post my newest Photoshop/PSE free action called "Sweet Enchantment B&W". This action is completely customizable and turns your images B&W and applies a pretty soft-pink tint. You can adjust all of the layers, and even add some color back in to create a beautiful soft-tinted image (as seen in the poppy and rose images below).

I kept on typing "poopy" instead of "poppy", I obviously live with boys...

In this edit I left in a little of the color, it is such a sweet vintage edit.

The beauty of this edit is you can have soft low-contrast "Matte" images or high contrast dramatic ones like this bride. Have fun editing and be sure to post your work using this action on my Facebook page. I love to see what you are doing with them.

Images used in this post: (Horse, Couple1, Couple 2, Poppy Field, Bride, Roses).

CoffeeShop "Sweet Enchantment B&W" Editing Tutorial:

In this example above I ran the action and adjusted the contrast as seen above. I moved the shadow slider to the right to darken the shadows and adjusted the Output Levels black slider to 29 to lower the contrast).

I think this is a lovely edit.

In this example I wanted a softly-colored image. So after running the action and adjusting the top contrast layer, I turned down the B&W Conversion layer to 75% opacity. I love this!

This is the same image with the CoffeeShop Sven 6 texture applied in Soft Light, 100% opacity.

Download the CoffeeShop "Sweet Enchantment B&W" Photoshop/PSE Action.

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.

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  1. Cool effect. Thanks Rita. Lovely look on the poopies...wait I mean poppies. ;)

  2. Hi, Rita! I'm so excited with my new downloads from Coffeeshop! This will be so fun! Do you have any hexagon storyboards? Or can you tell me how to make my own? Thanks so much!

  3. Do you have any 11x8 story boards that I could use as pages for a photobook? I'm thinking fill in the pics and save them as jpegs to insert as full pages in the online photo book?

    1. I don't think I have that actual size, but you can take most of my storyboards and just resize them BEFORE adding your images.

  4. Oops! I mean 8 x 11... landscape pages rather than portrait.

    1. Do you mean 8.5 x 11? And you can just resize most of my storyboards before adding your images. :-)

  5. Hoi Rita, wat een prachtige site heb je .... ik maak graag gebruik van je downloads ... echt bedankt


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