Thursday, May 30

CoffeeShop "Airy Pastel" Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Action!

I have been working on some new edits and I really want to share this one with you. The "Light and Airy" look is big right now, and I decided to design my own version. This one is a pretty pastel, has an optional Ivory tint, and looks gorgeous on so many types of images. My favorite ones to run it on are portraits, flowers, and babies.

This action runs in both Photoshop and PSE and usually doesn't need much adjusting. Actions, unlike so many editing apps out there, allow you complete control of the edit using layer masks and opacity settings. I have a tutorial below to show you how I edited a baby image.

The action can be download for free on the bottom of this post and it also comes in my CoffeeShop Action and Mega Packs which are currently on sale! The Action pack contain hundreds of my favorite actions and presets and the Mega Pack, in addition to the actions/presets, also has hundreds of fine art digital designs. Purchase of those packs support this blog and the one woman (Me!) that runs it, so thank you!!!

Original images used in this post: (LilacBabyWoman in Brown, RoseWoman and Horse).

CoffeeShop "Airy Pastel" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

Open your image and run the "Airy Pastel" action.

This is the image without any adjustments.

I turned down the Airy layer to 15% opacity.

And turned down the Ivory Tint layer to 30% opacity to reduce the yellow tint.

Finally, I clicked on the Brighten layer's layer mask and used a soft black brush to remove that layer off of her flower headpiece. It looked too blown-out before.

This is such a soft and pretty edit, I love it! If you use this action I would love to see your own edit on my Facebook page. And if you use any of my freebies on your images, please add #thecoffeeshopblog to your posts in Instagram. I love to see what you do with my freebies.

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.

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