Tuesday, February 12

CoffeeShop "Sunflare Magic" Kit: Photoshop/PSE Action and Overlay Set!

Today I have a brand new Fine Art Editing Kit for Photoshop and PSE! I call this one the "Sunflare Magic" and it comes with both a Photoshop/PSE action and a large set of beautiful custom sun flare overlays/textures.

This kit can be used with any overlays you have (you can find many free ones on my blog), and it is completely customizable. I posted a little tutorial below to help you use it.

Images used in this tutorial: (Owl, Woman, Parsley).

CoffeeShop "Sunflare Magic" Kit Tutorial: One of the main tips to using this action is turning on and off the different layers and adjusting their opacities. It might take a bit of tweaking but you can get a beautiful result on most images.

Open your image and start the "Sunflare Magic" action.

When prompted, place the sun flare overlay.

Then resize it to fit over the entire image and press Enter or Return.

This is the image after the action finishes running. Simply go through the layers and turn off/on, adjust the opacity, and paint on the layer masks until you love your edit!

The top Final Contrast Adjustment layer is just a simple Levels layer that you can open to do any final contrast adjustments.

In this example I turned off Hazy Colors and Color Brighten and turned down Colors to 83%.

Then I turned on Brighten and Darken and adjusted their opacities to add a bit more contrast. I love the warmth and colors in this edit.

You might want to use the layer masks when you have a portrait.

In this example I adjusted the highlighted layers. I turned down Colors to 54% opacity and used a soft low opacity brush to remove some of that layer off her face. I adjusted the opacity of Brighten and Darken to 50%, and used a soft 100% opacity black brush to remove the Darken layer from where I wanted the sun to be. 

I hope you enjoy using this new kit and please post your before/afters on my Facebook page!

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  1. I just did my granddaughters Sr. Pictures. I am going to try this on some of the outdoor ones. Thank you

    1. That is great, I would love to see what you do with them! Feel free to post one on my Facebook page. I love seeing what people do with my freebies.


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