Thursday, January 10

CoffeeShop "Planck" Fine Art Texture Set!

I so love textures and overlays. Today I made a new set that I think you will really enjoy playing with on your own images! These are very vintage-looking, and can be used as overlays on photos and digital designs or alone as simple papers.

When I overlay them on images I usually use Soft Light, Overlay, Multiply, and/or Screen blending modes.  I also add several textures at once for different color combinations.

Check out my free texture page, and get all of my favorite textures, Photoshop/PSE actions, Lightroom presets, and digital designs in one download in my Mega Download pack and help support my blog!
 Original images: (rose, tracks).

Download the CoffeeShop "Plank" Textures.

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  1. Ooh yes. Me love textures too! ;) Thanks for another great set. Get ready for a few more comments. I'm trying to catch up on at least four posts today.


    1. I love your comments, keep them coming Lisa! And so happy you like this texture set.

  2. Replies
    1. Diane, I just tested it and the textures are in the download. Maybe it was an issue with MediaFire? I would suggest trying again and if you are still not seeing them try downloading with a different browser. They are zipped in there, I promise! Rita


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