Thursday, December 27, 2018

CoffeeShop "Silver and Gold New Year" Square Photo Storyboard Set!

So my younger son loves to sing Christmas carols, all year long. He really loves replacing the words in them and has been lately obsessed with the carol "Silver and Gold"

To sing it properly you must replace the words with:

"Bacon and Eggs, Bacon and Eggs,

Our Dog Always Loves, Bacon and Eggs!"

It does go on, just repeat those two lines about twenty times to experience the joy of a happy boy.

Piper, our sweet 75-pound mutt does love bacon and eggs, but he only gets them when the cousins are here since my nieces and nephews don't belong to the "Clean Plate Club". My boys vacuum their food down, it is crazy!

Anyway, I was inspired by my son's singing and I designed this new Social Media storyboard set for you. You can use silver or gold glitter for the fonts, change part of the text, change the background/border color, and add your images using Photoshop/PSE clipping masks.

I hope you have fun with these!

Images used in my examples: (Couple, Child, Women).

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