Wednesday, October 24

CoffeeShop "Gravestone" Texture Set and "Spooky Forest" Photoshop/PSE Tutorial!

Today I have a beautiful Fine Art texture set and a spooky Photoshop/PSE tutorial to go with it! The "Gravestone" texture set is a beautiful set of three overlays that you can use alone or layered over images. They look great on all types of images; spooky,  baby portraits, landscapes, still life, etc.

Today I wrote a tutorial showing you how I used one of these Gravestone textures and a few free design elements to create this haunting Halloween-inspired image above.

Original images used in this post: (Forest, Flower Vase, Seagull).

CoffeeShop "Spooky Forest  Photoshop/PSE Tutorial:

Open your forest image or download the one I used in this tutorial.

Open and drag and drop the CoffeeShop Gravestone 3 texture on top of the image and resize it to fit.

Put the texture layer in Multiply blending mode.

Add a moon image in Screen blending mode and adjust the opacity to taste. I used this moon and removed the black background.

Add some moonlight by adding a Levels adjustment layer and moving the middle slider up to brighten the image. Then fill the layer mask with black and use a soft white brush at 100% and paint in the layer mask to add the light around the moon.

The moon is too bright, so I copied the Gravestone 3 texture and dragged the copy up and clipped it to the moon layer. I put this texture layer in Hard Light blending mode, 65% opacity.

I selected my favorite bat from this image.

Then I dragged and dropped it over the moon, adjusted  the size, and flipped it.

I want to make it more brown like the image, so I made another copy of the Gravestone 3 texture and clipped it to the bat and put it in Overlay blending mode.


I would love to see your edits using these textures/tutorial on my Facebook page.

Download the CoffeeShop "Gravestone" Fine Art Textures!

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