Wednesday, October 10

CoffeeShop "Fossil" Fine Art Texture Set and Photoshop/PSE Tutorial!

I absolutely love creating and using fine art textures on my images. This is why I find Photoshop or PSE (Photoshop Elements) essential in my editing toolbox, because there is no app out there that allows me this type of editing freedom.

Today I am sharing six gorgeous fossil-inspired textures I just designed yesterday. These are very subtle and can be used as overlays over photos, website backgrounds, or as stunning digital paper on cards, quote backgrounds, etc.

If you want to make your own textures, you can find thousands of free nature background images here.

I have also posted a tutorial below showing you how I created this set, and how I use them in my own designs.

CoffeeShop "Fossil" Texture Design Photoshop/PSE Tutorial:

Open this texture.

Add this leaf texture on top.

Desaturate the leaf texture.

And try different blending modes. In this example above I used Soft Light, 100% and I could barely see the leaves.

So I made a copy of that layer. Now it looks beautiful!

I then put the top leaf layer in Screen, 100%. Love this!

I wanted to add another distressed texture on top, so I added this texture.

And put it in Soft Light, 100%. Once again I can't really see the leaf texture, but this is an easy fix.

I went down the layers and copied the leaf layer in Soft Light. Now the leaves texture really pops.

To easily add some color, add a Color Fill adjustment layer in Multiply mode on top in a color of your choice.

These textures can be used as overlays on images. In this example I added Fossil 5, inverted it, and put it in Overlay, 79%. (original  owl image)

These textures make lovely custom frames around your images. (original dog image)

I used this leaf texture to make one of the papers. In this example I didn't desaturate the color as I wanted some of it to show through.

Then I added a quote and frame.

I hope you have fun using these textures and creating your own.

Download the CoffeeShop "Fossil" Texture/Overlay set!

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