Monday, October 15

CoffeeShop "Autumn Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action Revisited!

We are about to get plastered with a huge storm so I don't have much time on the computer today. A cool front has finally come in and it is in the 60's, but there is a huge line of storms headed our way for the next day or two.

I am working on a new action, but I don't have time to finish posting it before the lightening hits. So today I wanted to repost one of my favorite autumn-inspired actions called "Autumn Luxe".  I have hundreds and hundreds of actions I wrote posted on this site so I know it can be difficult to find a specific edit.  This action is amazing and I use it all of the time, and not only on fall images. I really love the vintage version, it looks lovely on so many images. I ran it today on a few images below, such a quick and easy edit!

I love this beautiful muted edit. (original image)

I love how much the colors pop on this one! (original image)

"Vintage Luxe" is gorgeous on portraits. (original image)

I love how this version warmed up the image. (original image)

This is a subtle edit, but the colors are so lovely. (original image)

So on to the repost!


I am so excited to release my newest Autumn-inspired action set called "Autumn Luxe". I have several other fall actions (Autumn Vintage, Autumn Pop, Soft Autumn Glow) but this is one of my favorites. It has six different fall edits and I think they are all gorgeous.

I used a beautiful images from Jill Wellington (Etsy ShopFacebook, Blog, YouTube Videos, Pixabay) on this tutorial.

CoffeeShop "Autumn Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

This is the image from Jill. It is already gorgeous but I love to create new artistic versions.

Run "Autumn Luxe" on the image. The first pop-up will be a Curves layer that allows you to adjust the Matte-Effect on the Vintage Autumn edit.

Simply adjust the area circled above. Up lowers contrast, Down adds contrast, Right darkens shadows, Left lightens.

Press OK when you are finished adjusting the point.

This pop-up will come up once more for the Bold Autumn Color edit. Adjust as necessary.

When the action finishes you won't see any changes. You must turn on the layers of your favorite fall edit. You can also adjust the opacities or paint on the layer masks as necessary.

Vintage Autumn

Vintage Autumn + Cool Tint

Vintage Autumn Matte

Bold Autumn Colors

Bold Autumn Colors + Cool Tint

Bold Autumn Colors Matte

Here is another edit on an image by Jill using the Vintage Autumn Matte layer.

I hope you enjoy this new action set and be sure to post your own edits using it on my Facebook page. It might end up here on my blog as a reader sample!!!

Download the CoffeeShop "Autumn Luxe" Photoshop/PSE action.

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