Monday, May 7

CoffeeShop "5x7 Floral Storyboard/Template" Set!

I am finishing up a new really nice action I hope to post tomorrow, so today I wanted to share this set of floral 5x7 photo storyboards. This set has four boards and you can customize the floral background, frame, and photo border color or even add your own custom background.

You can post these on the web or print them out as storyboards or cards. The ones with the white text boxes would make excellent baby or graduation announcements, you could add a logo and a brief description of the shoot. These boards can also be rotated 90 or 180 degrees to make a total of 16 versions, just rotate them before adding your images. :-)

I used this floral pattern with this one to make the lighter frame and I will be releasing the red floral pattern later this week!

A special thanks to Lisa Rubel Photography (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for allowing me to use her stunning images in my example storyboard.

Download the CoffeeShop "5x7 Floral Storyboard Set".

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