Friday, March 9

{Friday Photo Bliss}: Beach bliss, giant mutant rat-possums, zombies, and my pretty husband!

On Fridays I like to post snapshots of our week that make me happy.

On Tuesday morning I decided I wanted to beat the Spring Break beach rush and planned a last minute overnight trip to Galveston Island with the kids and my mom. I found a great room deal and we left Wednesday after lunch.

Unfortunately I had to leave my sweet husband. It is impossible to work on the road as an optometrist. But I knew he would be fine because Piper, our loyal mutt, would watch over him.

The weather was gorgeous, cool and sunny.

I didn't even bring a bathing suit. I don't mind swimming in heated pools/spas, but I hate getting out of them when it is cold. But the kids don't mind thanks to their amazing young blood circulation and lack of mature knowledge that freezing is not fun at all.

Even though the water was icy and too cold for even them to swim in, the boys had a wonderful time digging on the beach.

They would build amazing structures.

And then destroy them. Typical boy stuff.

Imp had a blast turning himself into a human float by filling his swim shirt with warm air from the air jets in the hot-tub. It reminds me when I was first dating Paul and he would do the same except he had no swim shirt and instead made his swim shorts into an emergency flotation device.

Men are just big boys sometimes...

I am trying to get more photos of me with these kids of mine. Even when I am wearing my baggy mom jeans and no makeup. One day when I am 90 I will look back and think I looked hot in this photo!

Duke is 5'8" or 5'9" now and only 13. When did I get so short?

And yes, it was cold out there.

This is my amazing mom. She is my best friend and inspiration and makes me feel tall.

And also the person I see these days every time I look in a mirror.

The next morning after breakfast we went to the east side of the island to watch the giant ships in the Houston Ship Channel. It was so incredible windy. The boys are standing on the top of what is left of Fort Travis.

This time we decided to explore the beach area behind the boys in this photo.

It was really interesting down here on this part of the beach. It is fascinating to see what types of beach trash washed up on the shore.

Notice Imp's hair in this photo, it was so windblown.

I have this fascination with giant dead fish on the beach. We also found what we thought was a giant dead gray mutant rat, but we think it was actually a possum. I have a photo but am not posting it because it was really gross.

We even found this old platform off the beach. I have no idea what it is and didn't have time to explore it properly since I had just had a few cups of coffee and was on a beach without any powder room services...

This entire area was a bit spooky. Thanks to all Netflix and the many mystery books I have read I wouldn't have been surprised to see a few zombies walking around or a washed-up body on the shore that was not a fish or giant mutant rat-possum.

But we made it back to our hotel safely and the kids had another hour to dig on the not-scary scenic beach before we made the truly terrifying drive home through Houston.

Zombies are nothing compared to Interstate 45 thought downtown Houston!

It was a wonderful short trip and when I finally made it home I was exhausted but happy.

Have a wonderful weekend and great Spring Break!!!

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  1. Love that you are a zombies fan!

    It is funny that you mentioned Duke's height. When I was scrolling through and looking at the pics, the first thing that caught my attention was how tall Duke is getting. I'm guessing he'll well past 6 feet if he keeps this up! So lean and lanky too.

    Glad you guys had so much fun. Have a great weekend ahead!



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