Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Paul and I started dating 30 years ago and we have been married for 25 years and never made much of a deal of Valentine's Day. I am not a candy/flower/jewelry type of gal and I don't like fighting the crowds going out for a Valentine's dinner.

I never made it easy on Paul because I am not big on receiving presents, especially the traditional Valentine ones. However, on our first Valentine's day he did such an amazing job picking out some gifts for me I knew he was "The One". I received one can of my favorite Pringles (the plain ones), a pack of my favorite Carefree bubble gum (the pack had been carefully opened on top and each stick of gum had a little heart drawn on the paper), and a book-on-tape of my favorite book at that time, "A Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach.

Swoon! Paul was not only gorgeous, intelligent, compassionate, manly, and sweet; he actually really knew me! And he proved to be a keeper; thirty years later and I still adore him.

But we haven't given each other any Valentine's gifts for years and years, and I decided to start a new tradition. Our boys are 10 and 13 and still at an age that they love to celebrate holidays with their parents, especially if the celebration involves food. So today we will have our First Annual (my 7th grade English teacher will hate that I wrote that!) "Family Valentine's Dinner Extravaganza!"

So tonight we will have a candlelight supper in the dining room. I made my famous chocolate cheesecake for Duke's birthday in December and froze the leftovers, so defrosted cheesecake will be the highlight. Everyone is excited and I hope this becomes a new Coffeeshop family tradition until the boys get their own sweethearts.

I hope you and your loved ones have a great day today!!!

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  1. We've been with our partners roughly the same amount of time. My hubby and I met in our first year of college and started going out the year later--a little over 30 years ago. In April, we'll be married 29 years! The first V Day present I received from my hubby that first year of marriage was a little stuffed bunny who I aptly named Valentine. I still have him after all these years and he has been a comfort through many ups and downs. It isn't so much about the bunny but more about its connection to who gave it to me.

    Enjoy your first annual V Day dinner!


    1. Oh, that is great Lisa! I love reading that you guys are college sweethearts! I also love that you have kept that little stuffed bunny. I completely understand about the memories attached to something special like that. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband. <3


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