Thursday, August 10

CoffeeShop "Sunflare Overlay Set #1"!

Today I have a brand new sun flare overlay set! I designed these yesterday and I really love them. These are actually easy to create and I will put together a tutorial showing you how I do it later this month. I will also write a tutorial about how to edit these for your own images and a easy trick to apply these horizontal landscape overlays on a vertical portrait image.

I usually use these overlays in Screen or Soft Light blending mode or a combination of the two.

I want to thank Bloom Photography for the gorgeous bird/flower image and the talented photographers at Unsplash (dogholding hands and walkingholding handsguitar).

In this edit I used Sunflare 3 in Screen 100% and Sunflare 4 in Soft Light 53%.

In this version I used Sunflare 2 in Screen 100% and Sunflare 1 in Screen 60%.

I hope you enjoy playing with these new overlays!

Download the CoffeeShop "Sunflare Overlay Set 1".

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