Friday, November 18

{Friday Photo Bliss} Frustration and Fun!

This is a perfect image to express my feelings this Friday afternoon. ;-)

Today I started working on my Friday post and found out that I am having issues importing my iPhone 6s images into the newest updated Lightroom CC on my iMac. What in the world? I have spent over an hour trying to figure out what is going on (including chatting with Adobe which was a waste of my time). They finally told me to import my images through Photo and then import them to Lightroom (an additional step), but I have been importing them directly into Lightroom for years and years and never had a problem...

At first Lightroom doesn't see my images on my phone. Then after a time the images show up in the import window. So I select the newest ones and "imported" them. Lightroom took five minutes to import 10 small jpgs. Crazy! If you personally have seen this problem please let me know if you have any solution. I hope it is just an unlucky Lightroom day and everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

But other than my frustration with photo-importing. we have had a great week.

We hung out at the airport to watch planes and saw a Blackhawk take off.

Piper had a nice nap.

We made homemade crock-pot soap with lye, water, and coconut oil. This was our first venture in soap making, and of course we had to start with the most difficult method.

We used this recipe for a coconut shampoo bar and it was pretty easy. It made 16 bars of soap (one glass loaf container) for about $12 bucks! I usually pay $5 for one shampoo bar, so this is quite a savings. We have used this as shampoo and also basic soap and it foams well and is very moisturizing. Best soap ever!!!

I love the rustic look of homemade hot-process soap. I know what some of my friends and family are getting for Christmas!  I am going to purchase this crinkle-cutter to make this soap extra fancy.

Piper was able to fit in another nap this week.

He likes naps.

We spent one day at the park.

And we made fermented cauliflower using this recipe. I love this stuff! We have been adding more fermented foods to our diet (all made at home by us!) We drink Kombucha and milk Kefir, and eat fermented veggies and my homemade raw Kombucha-fermented applesauce.

I worked as a scientist for over ten years and my kitchen is now my lab. Sometimes I feel really sorry for my family.

Luckily Piper found some additional time to fit in one last nap. This dog loves his beauty rest.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your lightroom issues. The soap looks great. I'd love to do stuff like that but I'm afraid the idea of working with lye scares me.

    Good to see that Piper is getting some much needed rest. ;)

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

    Lisa D.


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