Tuesday, November 15

CoffeeShop "Winter Portrait Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Retouching and Fine Art Action!

Today I am so excited to release my newest retouching/fine art action called "Winter Portrait Luxe". This action runs in Photoshop/PSE and is a huge all-in-one action that allows you to retouch and add gorgeous color to your portraits. You can run this action on my image, but I find it looks best on winter images because of the cooler colors.

I really hope you love this action as much as I do!!!

This is part of a complete editing technique that I am going to post all this week. Today I am releasing the action, and later this week I will release two more textures (here is one of them!)and step-by-step tutorials that will demonstrate how I went from the "before" to the "after" above.

Please read the tutorial below before using the action!

CoffeeShop "Winter Portrait Luxe" Action Tutorial:

I am going to show you step-by-step how I would edit this image using "Winter Portrait Luxe."

Contrast Adjustment: Run the action and adjust the Levels for contrast. I slightly adjusted the shadows and midtone sliders.

Skin Smooth: When the Replace Color comes up, click on the skin and adjust the Fuzziness to select all of the skin. You can adjust this after the action finishes.

This is the image with no adjustments after the action finishes running. Now I will go in and paint on layer masks and adjust the opacity of the layers.

Cool it down: This top layer adds a beautiful cool tone to your winter images. You can adjust the opacity to taste.

EDITING NOTE: Screenshots in red like this image above allow me to show you where I paint on the layer masks. To see this effect on your image, click on a layer mask to select it and then type the \ key. Repeat to remove the red effect.

Eye Define: I clicked to select the layer mask and used a soft 100% opacity white brush to define the eyes and eyelashes, and a 50% opacity white brush on her eyebrows and hair.

Bright Eyes: Grab a 100% soft white brush and paint over the iris. Then adjust the opacity to taste.

White Whites: Click to select the layer mask of this layer, then use a soft white brush to paint over teeth and eye whites to whiten. Adjust opacity to taste.

Skin Smooth: This action automatically smooths skin, but if your background or clothing is light it will smooth those too. I clicked on this layer mask and used a soft black brush to manually remove this layer off everything but her skin.

Boost: Adjust opacity to taste.

Color Boost: Open this layer and adjust to add more Vibrance if needed.

Remove red from skin: Use a soft white low opacity brush on the layer mask to remove reddish skin tone.

Lip and Cheek Blush: Select the layer mask and use a soft white brush to add color to lips and cheeks. You can change the pink color by clicking on it and adjusting the color slider. Then adjust the opacity to taste.

I hope you enjoy using this new action!

Download the CoffeeShop "Winter Portrait Luxe" Photoshop/PSE action. You can also download it here or grab it in my huge action download pack!

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For complete info on installing all of my actions, click here.

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  1. I cannot get this to download or extract. There is only an ATN file. The error message is: "Windows cannot complete the extraction.The destination file could not be created". Do you know how to get this to open?

    1. This is kind of a late reply... I mean 2 years after the fact lol... but...if you haven't found a solution or anyone else coming here having the same problem as I just did with the download only downloading the ATN file, you can go to your downloads , right click and push show in folder (or something along those lines) , once you find your ATN file in that folder right click it and push "send to" (which will give you the option of compressed zipped folder) send it there and name it what you please , extract it and from there you'll be able to load your action into Photoshop or PSE as normal . Hope this helps anyone out there having trouble ! :)

    2. Thank you for pointing this out, I really appreciate it! Rita

  2. I can't get over the changes to her face. They are subtle but make all the difference! Thanks for another great action. I hope to try this tutorial soon. I'm also looking forward to the textures and tuts coming later in the week.

    Lisa D.

  3. I downloaded this action last night and used the same photo as in the tutorial and it turned out great! The instructions made it so easy!
    Thanks Rita!!

  4. same as what Cindy said. I loaded the atn file and it does run however when I run it on a portrait, I get "Make" error commands. if I continue and say ok to each error my portrait is red. I use pse6

    1. Patty, it might not run in that old version of PSE. It runs in PSE12 great. There have been major updates in PSE since PSE6. :-)

  5. oh bummer i was really hoping to use this one guess its time to update

  6. Also having trouble installing this one. Can it install to PSE10?

    1. It might be the issue. I haven't tested this action in that version of PSE. But it does work in 12 and up.

  7. Such wonderful instructions! Thank you so much! I'm a visual person and this will really help! Love it!

    1. Thank you Vicki! I am really trying to walk everyone through these edits. You can run actions all day long, but you need some editing tools to make the actions look their best.


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