Friday, November 4

{Friday Photo Bliss} Colorado Day 1: Pike's Peak

Fridays I usually post snapshots from our week. And most weeks we don't do much. However, this last week we went with Paul on his business trip to Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor Resort. This was the boys' (all three of them) first trip to Colorado and I hadn't been for over twenty years.

Today I will post photos from the first day of our trip to Pikes Peak!

We flew into Denver and spent our first night there, but early the next morning we headed out to Colorado Springs to go on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

We decided to stop in Manitou Springs at the base of Pikes Peak. This town is so pretty and reminds me of a little town in Germany.

We ate at the Heart of Jerusalem Cafe and it was delicious. One of the many things I love about this area is most restaurants cater to gluten-free diets.

The boys stuffed themselves. And we got a $15 parking ticket.

Then on to the cog railway!

When we started out we felt great.

The scenery was stunning! And best of all, Paul could enjoy it with us rather than having to worry about driving.

As we climbed higher I was happy we had seats across from this view. I am scared of heights and that is one long drop to the ground.

This was the view of Colorado gravel from our side on the train toward the top of the peak.

Pikes Peak is over 14,000 feet high and we started to feel it. Where we live the altitude is only 150 ft so it was only a matter of time before we started to feel some altitude sickness.

Imp and Duke were nauseous and looked pretty pale. Paul and I had headaches.

We made it!

And what views! The temperature was in the 30's, so it wasn't too cold. Down in town it was in the 70's, so we used our huge pile of cold weather outfits for about thirty minutes our entire trip.

I took a few photos and then noticed that Imp was sitting on a rock with his head between his legs.

So I spent most of my time on the peak of Pikes Peak in the train with my sick boy.

Duke and Paul didn't feel great, but were able to walk around and enjoy the scenery.

But when the train whistle blew, we were all ready to come back down to 7000 feet.

Our nausea and headaches started getting better as we descended. In fact, by the time we got to the bottom everyone felt normal.

Until we stepped out of the train...

I won't go into details and I obviously didn't take any photos, but I will say that the next several minutes involved a hosing-down (and thank goodness for wet wipes!) and a son, who wishes to remain anonymous, suddenly had a completely empty stomach.

Of course, five minutes later he was asking when we were going to eat dinner.

So we went to check-in at our room at the Broadmoor. What a gorgeous view with windows that actually open!

Quite an upgrade from our normal hotels. I felt like a complete hayseed.

I wonder what we are going to be up to tomorrow?

To be continued...

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  1. Enjoyed todays trip. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Wow, what a pretty little town. You guys are definitely a ways from home, aren't you? And talk about an altitude difference. I can understand the queasiness. Poor Imp or Duke--however given the colour of Imp on the train, I'm guessing he was the one who was sick.

    What a difference in temp from the bottom to the top as well. Interesting.

    Such great views as well. To bad that Paul actually will have to work at some point but I'm sure you and the boys will have fun getting around.

    I look forward to hearing about your continued Colorado adventures!

    Lisa D.

  3. what a cool adventure! I want to go there!

  4. I love the Broadmoor! It's okay to be a hayseed there, you're in Colorado!


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