Monday, October 31

CoffeeShop "Action Merge Magic" Photoshop/PSE Action!

Happy Halloween!!!  Today I have a really practical action to share with you. How many times have you ran one of my actions on your image and found the enhancement to be too dramatic? Well, I have written a new action to solve this problem!

After you run any of my CoffeeShop actions on your image, run this "Action Merge Magic" action. It will merge all of the edited layers into one layer while retaining the original image on the bottom. Then you can simply adjust the opacity of the enhancement to taste! Or you can paint on the layer mask to selectively remove part of the enhancement.

It might sound confusing, so let me show you with screenshots. :-)

I used this original dog, male on road, and girl image in today's tutorial.

This is the original image.

I ran my "Cashmere Rose" action on the image and adjusted the layers to taste. This is nice, but I would prefer to have a more subtle edit.

So I ran today's new action "Action Merge Magic" on the image. It merged all of the layers into one layer with a layer mask while retaining the original unedited image on the Background. Then I dialed down the opacity of the "Edited Image" layer to 65%. I think this is the perfect amount of Cashmere Rose for this image. :-)

Here is another example.

Here is the original image.

I ran the CoffeeShop "Moody Pop" action.

Then I ran "Action Merge Magic" and turned down the "Edited Image" layer to 70% and also used a soft low opacity black brush on the layer mask to add some light to the center of the image.

If a layer is not turned on, it will not flatten and you will see it above the "Edited Image" layer. Just ignore it. :-)

Download the CoffeeShop "Action Merge Magic" Photoshop/PSE Action. You can also download it here.

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