Friday, August 5

{Friday Photo Bliss}

View from the Gooney Bird, where every seat is first class (if you can ignore the fact that you have no air-conditioning or fine dining.) We do serve nuts and bottled water.

The special depth-of-field effect is not photoshop but my phone camera. Weird right?

Paul and I realized that our kids hadn't eaten a watermelon with seeds in ages! Crazy, right?  We always buy the smaller seedless ones. 

Everyone should be able to participate in a summer seed-spitting contest. So as we were driving through Hempstead, Texas we bought a giant Hempstead watermelon.  Everyone knows these watermelons are the world's best.

The boys loved the watermelon and the spitting and Piper found out he loves watermelon seeds.

My three boys are cute, right? Thank goodness you can't see my human children's toenails. I told them they will never get married if they don't learn some basic grooming skills and start wearing some deodorant. The dog usually smells better than my kids on a hot summer day.

Our neighborhood is having water-pressure issues and this week we have had to use boiled or bottled water for drinking, washing food, and tooth-brushing. 

I haven't had time to work on the computer because I have been on the phone/email trying to get this fixed. Where is Erin Brockovich when I need her? Hopefully we will get some resolution soon because I am starting to feel like I live in Mexico...

The boys were inspired to create their own airport board game.

Like I always say:  Boys + Boredom = Creativity and Giant Mess!

This game is apparently like Monopoly in the fact that it can last hours and hours.

I hate Monopoly...  If a game goes over thirty minutes I start scheming the best way to lose without the boys knowing.

Duke almost always catches me. That kid is very competitive and doesn't like cheaters.

Beautiful sunset and hot and humid evening walk with the family.

"Yeah, so sue me if I sleep with my tongue sticking out. Next you are going to make fun of my underbite."

No Piper, I think your little underbite is just precious. Your hair all over my house is another matter.

Have a great weekend!.

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  1. That first photo is awesome! I love the game your boys created!!!

  2. Love that black & white pic of Piper. Have a great weekend!

    Lisa D.


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