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CoffeeShop "Sanibel Beach Dreams" Photoshop/PSE Editing Tutorial: Part 4, Vintage Rosy-Ivory Tint!

I am so excited about my newest beach portrait editing tutorial I call "Sanibel Beach Dreams". This editing technique is very dreamy  and colorful, reminiscent of a Skagen beach painting.

Today is Part 4 of my "Sanibel Beach Dreams" Photoshop/PSE editing tutorial. I am going to show you how I add a gorgeous vintage rosy-ivory tint to a beach portrait. I think this final part of the edit is everything! If you want the action you can grab "Beach Dreams Rosy Sky" here.

In Part 1 I walked you through the portrait retouching. Please go start with that post. Part 2 is where I showed you how to add gorgeous pastel color to the sand, water, and sky. And in Part 3 I demonstrated how I replace a boring beach sky with a dramatic sky and included some custom CoffeeShop sky overlays.

I have decided to add a Part 5 where I add the perfect fine-art texture to this finished edit (and have it as a free download.)

Today we will go from the "before" on the left to the "after" on the right. The gorgeous original image is by Jessica Edwards Photography

This is where I left you in Part 2. I skipped Part 3 in this edit since the sky was already lovely.

NOTE: When you edit your own images feel free to try different blending modes and opacities than the ones I use in my tutorial. I usually use Soft Light, Overlay, and Multiply.

Rosy Vintage Tint: Add a rosy Color Fill adjustment layer on top. I used #edc5bf. Put this layer in Multiply blending mode, 100% opacity.

You just want to add this effect to the sky, so click on the layer mask and use a semi-soft black brush to remove the pink layer off the sand and woman. Click the " \ " key to see red where the effect is masked or hidden.

I love this dark pink glow!

Add another Color Fill adjustment layer on top and put it in Soft Light blending mode. I used #efafa6.

I clicked on its layer mask to select it and used a semi-soft 100% black brush to remove the effect from the sand and water and a 25%- 50% opacity black brush and to remove it from the girl.  I didn't want to completely remove this pink layer from her skin, dress, and hat as it really brightens her up.

I set this layer in at 30% opacity. I think this is looking great!

Ivory Vintage Tint: Don't skip this step, it really adds a perfect vintage-feel to your beach portrait. Add an ivory Color Fill adjustment layer and put it in Multiply, 100%. I used #fbf4dd.

Doesn't that add so much? I love it!

I added a Levels adjustment layer and put it in Soft Light blending mode to brighten the image.  That added too much contrast, so I went in and moved the gamma (mid-tone) middle slider to the left to brighten the mid-tones and moved the Output Levels to the right to 60 to reduce the shadow contrast.

Want to automate this? Just go grab the free action "Beach Dreams Rosy Sky".

I love this edit! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I would love to see your own "Sanibel Beach Dreams" edit on my Facebook page.

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  1. Love this tutorial it is written so clearly as usual! thanks so much for all your time you put into these.


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