Friday, June 24

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to look over the snapshots I took during the week and post a few of my favorites. 

We went to a Civil War Reenactment last weekend and it was amazing!!! The skirmish took place at the location of a Confederate Powder Mill during the Civil War. The mill blew up in 1864 and unfortunately killed several of the local boys.

When we were kids my sisters and I used to go swimming right there in the creek. That was before the internet and the horror stories posted about flesh-eating bacteria, brain parasites, and giant hungry alligators.

We were so blissfully unaware and thus incredibly happy those days. ;-)

Guns and cannons were going off and the soldiers were running around like crazy. The poor Union soldiers had on wool coats and the heat index was 105F. The Confederate soldiers looked much more comfortable in their cotton.

I automatically started rooting for the South (I am a native Texan and love my state), but then I realized I was rooting for the wrong side so I switched to rooting for the North. But then I felt guilty for all of those young men fighting in the South who never had slaves so I decided to root for all of them since this was just a reenactment. ;-)

I am a mess at taking selfies. That is my mom on the left. My dad was there too, riding around in the park golf cart. We were too healthy and had to walk everywhere. Did I mention the heat index was 105F? Gotta love Texas summers.

Duke grabbed my camera and took this one. It is slightly better.

On Father's Day we headed out to Bernhardt Winery for an outdoor concert. They have them every Sunday night, spring through fall. The winery is gorgeous, the wine is tasty, and the music is always wonderful.

My mom was also there but my dad refused to go, he was still recovering from his incredibly hot golf cart ride at the reenactment the day before.

This huge anvil something or other cloud (my pilot husband told me what it was called and the big glass of wine I had made me forget) was incredible. It was a perfect summer evening.

The boys had VBS with their best friend this week. I had the mornings off since they were gone and I was able to get so many things done.

OK, I can't lie, I went to the library and checked out a pile of books, and read for hours and hours and hours.

Yeah, my house is still a mess...

Last night was Paul and my 29th year anniversary of meeting each other so we celebrated with a romantic walk around the subdivision. This is what you do when you are old and gray and you want to celebrate a huge milestone in your relationship but are too tired to go out (because you are old and gray). Or because you just remembered it was your anniversary at the last minute (because you are old and gray) and it was too late to get a babysitter.

That is my sweetie "Jumping Jack Paul". He is so darn adorable.

When we got back to the house this was our view. Another perfect (and incredibly hot) summer evening.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Okay so first off, the sky in the last two pics is just amazing. Love the sunrays shining through in the one that Duke took as well.
    Next, Happy Anniversary of when you first met. When was that? When you were 10 or 12 or possibly even younger? ;) Neither of you look old enough to have been together 29 years!
    I was just talking with my hubby the other night. We've been married for just over 27 years but I realized that we'll have known each other for 30 years come September (met our first year in college). Man, how time flies!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Lisa D.

    1. Ahhhhh, thank you Lisa! We met when I was 17. Crazy! I was so proud of my college boyfriend. 😊And we never looked back! You and your husband are college sweethearts?That is wonderful!!!!

      I always look forward to your comments. ❤️ Have a great weekend too!! Rita


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