Wednesday, March 2

CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE Rainbow Luxe Editing Tutorial Part 2

Yesterday I walked you through the process of removing distracting backgrounds and adding subtle clouds to a portrait. Today I am going to go through the second part of my tutorial where I run my Rainbow Velvet Luxe action on this image and really make it pop.

The Rainbow Velvet Luxe action is one of my favorites as it is so gorgeous on skin tones. The rainbow effect is completely optional but I think it looks really nice in this edit.

Here is another version I edited using this technique. If you are on a computer you can hover over to see the "before".

CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE Tutorial, Rainbow Velvet Luxe Effect:

This is the starting image for this tutorial. You can read part 1 of this tutorial here and grab the original image. After you add clouds and remove any distracting objects in the background, save the file as a layered psd so you have a saved copy of this version if you need to go back and make any changes later.

Close all images but the one you want to edit and run the CoffeeShop "Rainbow Velvet Luxe" action. The action will prompt you to add a pretty rainbow effect which is completely optional and can be turned off after the action finishes running.

I made the rainbow bigger and placed it around her head. Then I pressed the check mark to accept the changes and the action finished running.

This is the image after the action finishes, without any changes. Her hair looks purple (because of the "Rosy" layer) and I will fix that in the next step.

For this image I put "Rosy" at 55% and painted that layer off her hair with a 50% soft black brush. I put "Honey" at 66% and "Rainbow Luxe" at 19%. I wanted the rainbow effect to be very soft and subtle.

I could have removed the rainbow from the field but I liked it there. :-)

I wanted to add some color to her cheeks, so I clicked on the "Rosy Lips and Cheeks" layer mask and grabbed a soft low opacity white brush and painted on her cheeks.

I love this edit!!! If you are on a computer you can mouse over to see the before. I think the Rainbow Velvet Luxe is just so beautiful on portraits.

Here is another version without the rainbow effect. I added the same clouds to this image, then ran the Rainbow Velvet Luxe action and made a few adjustments. Then I added my Fine Art "Earth" texture (desaturated) in soft light blending mode from this set.

I would love to see your own edits on my Facebook page.

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