Monday, March 21, 2016

CoffeeShop "Caramel Velvet Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action!

Hello! Today I am excited to share my newest Photoshop/PSE action called "Caramel Velvet Luxe". This is a very beautiful action that can look gorgeous on anything from floral still life to portraits to landscapes. It is completely adjustable so you can have a subtle edit or go with complete drama.

I also have another version of this action called "Caramel Velvet Luxe Mini" that is not as adjustable (It has only one layer)  put is perfect for a quick edit.

Some of these images seen in this post are from Pixabay (bluebell, doe, posing lady, butterfly).

CoffeeShop "Caramel Velvet Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

Note: After capturing the screenshots below for my action tutorial, I ended up changing the names of some of the layers and was too lazy to redo the screenshots! 

Light Haze = Caramel Haze, Color Fill 2 = Caramel, Color Fill 1 = Luxe

I love this image, it makes me want to move someplace that gets snow. In this edit I ran "Caramel Velvet Luxe" and then put Light Haze (Caramel Haze) at 50%, Color Fill 2 (Caramel) at 25%, and Contrast Pop at 50%.  I then painted on Color Fill 1's (Luxe) layer mask to remove some of that layer's effect from the snow.  I also turned off the Lighten layer.

I ran "Caramel Velvet Luxe" on this gorgeous image from Bloom Photography and made no changes. I then added my fine art texture 6 from my Artisanal set at Overlay 100%.

Here is one of my favorite edits. I ran the action and made minor adjustments on a few layers.

In this edit I ran the action and then painted some of the "Caramel Haze" layer off the butterfly and flowers.

Download the CoffeeShop "Caramel Velvet Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action.

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  1. Hi Rita.
    Love all your actions. But this one is does`n work. Its no png file (?), PSE writes " can not to find file".
    Thank you.

    1. You don't need a png file, just the atn file. :-) R

  2. I love this action! I use it to give my pictures some nice warmth. This is how I use it: 1. I delete all layers except "Caramel" and "Caramel Haze." I invert "Caramel" and adjust the opacity for "Caramel Haze" to my liking. I then invert again the "Caramel" layer and adjust the opacity to my liking. Thank you for this amazing action!

    1. Thank you Michelly! I don't understand how you are inverting a color fill adjustment layer, and why you then invert it back! If you can give me more specifics I will write up your version too and post it here.


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