Saturday, February 20

Review of Flypaper Texture's "Ethereal Painterly" Pack

I am a texture-addict, so you can imagine my excitement when Flypaper Textures sent over their newest texture pack for me to review. It is called "Ethereal Painterly" and the set is gorgeous!

I put a few of my edits below. This new texture set is perfect for anything from soft pastel to dramatic color images. And don't be afraid to desaturate and change the colors on the textures for your own beautiful edits. I also often run an action on the image before adding my texure.

before and after

I used three textures from the set on this beautiful flower image (Europa, Hydra, and Kerberos).

before and after

On  this image I first ran my "Fashionista Luxe Light" action and turned off the "haze" layer. Then I put the texture Pluto just under "orange tones" and set it to Overlay, 100%. 

  before and after

On this floral image I ran my action called "Buttercream Beauty" and turned "Soft Buttercream 1&2" and "ButterCream Luxe" up to 100% and turned off the "Define" layer.

Then I added two Flypaper textures, Kerberos and Cygnus.

I also love reading the Flypaper Blog. Paul or Jill will edit an image using their textures and give you the "recipe". I followed the recipe on this post (but I used a Curves adjustment layer instead of the NIK preset) on this floral image.

Have fun turning your images into gorgeous works of art by adding Flypaper textures!

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