Friday, February 19

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to post snapshots from the week that make me happy.

Last weekend we headed out to my parent's house (30 minutes away) so the boys could put together my parent's new porch swing. The boys worked for an hour or two and were paid handsomely. My Dad likes to spoil them.

While the boys were working I was checking out the photos on my Mom's piano. Wow, she hasn't updated them since the 90's.

This one above was taken when my sisters and I were all in our 20's. Heather is the tall blonde on the left (what was she standing on, she looks like giant!), Julia is in the middle, and I am on the right.

We all met with our sweeties (no one was married yet, but all three became our husbands) to go tubing down the San Marcos River. We had crazy fun that day, acting like stereotypical college-aged Texas rednecks. You can drink on this river while tubing (as long as you don't bring glass bottles) and I believe our brew of choice was Bud.

It was incredibly hot and steamy and I had two beers over an hour or two and was feeling no pain (see image above). Paul always says I was a cheap date.

My very dramatic middle sister Julia didn't drink with us since she was too civilized to act so common. She called Mom that night and told her that she was concerned that Heather and I were alcoholics. Mom asked her why she felt that way, and Julia told her that Heather and I had two beers while tubing and were acting kind of crazy.

I think Mom almost died laughing when she told me. Drinking beer on a hot day while tubing in a freezing cold river is a rite of passage in Texas for many college students. Julia just wanted to tattle on us. ;-)

Here is another photo I found on the piano. That is me with my high-school senior prom date. What a handsome college guy in that gorgeous rented tux! I married him a few years later.

What in the world was going on with my hair? My shoes were dyed to match my dress, very classy.

The late 80's, you had to live through them to really understand them.

On Valentine's Day we sat around the fire pit and had s'mores. I am so blessed I was able to spend the day with people I love.

This week we also went to my favorite little coffee shop in our town. I have no idea what it is called as it has no signage. It is in this tiny old wooden house on a corner lot, and they make the best lattes.

Talking about coffee, I need to tell my sister Julia about this new study that says drinking coffee might undo liver damage from too much alcohol. Next time I go tubing I will bring along a carafe of coffee to counteract the beer. ;-)

Actually, I am now a classy woman in my 40's, so when we go tubing I usually drink sparkling water or bring one of those single-serving boxed wines from Target.

Gosh, I am becoming my sister Julia!

The boys aren't too old to still enjoy making themselves sick at the park. Duke once threw up after riding this green thing.

I made some pork empanadas this week and they were the best I have ever eaten! I had no idea I could even make them. We are having them again tonight for dinner.

Imp has entered the exciting (???) world of model-building. His brother is guiding him through his first war aircraft. This hobby keeps them outside on the porch and busy for hours, so I encourage their passion.

Looking at this photo I realize it is time to go to the barbershop.

The weather has been great and Piper brings me out for a walk or two every day. He is now 10 months old and almost 65 pounds; basically a small pony.

 Seriously, that tongue. It never ceases to entertain me.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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