Friday, February 12, 2016

{Friday Photo Bliss} Camping Adventures AND TERROR!

I am going to admit something that might shock and disgust you.

Ready for it?

We didn't watch the Super Bowl this weekend. Instead, we headed out to Huntsville State Park to camp.

We get no phone reception there, so we didn't even know who won the game until we got home. Which wasn't a big deal since I wasn't even sure who was playing. Yes, I am really that horrible.

There were a few other crazy people camping that afternoon, but they had RV's with satellite dishes (and warm heaters), so we had the park pretty much to ourselves that afternoon. We were able to get the best camping spot in the park and Duke and Imp set up camp.

You can see Imp is really doing his best to help Duke put up the tent.

This scenario reminds me of all the times my dear husband "helps" my dad do something and Dad stands there and and tells him exactly how it should be done. Without lifting one finger to help.

Sometimes I am convinced that Imp can read my mind. He somehow knew I was silently making fun of him, look at that face.

Maybe, like Snoopy or Garfield, my sarcastic thoughts are written in little bubbles over my head? That would explain SO MUCH...

The tent went up, no thanks to Imp. Paul inspected it carefully to make sure it was secure.

You never know what wild beasts might sneak in during the middle of the night.


The afternoon was simply gorgeous. Not a cloud in the sky. We went on a little hike and then rented a canoe.

We quickly realized that canoeing was not easy, especially when you have two kids in the canoe doing their best to act like deadweight.

I unfortunately have no photos of our canoeing trip as I was sure we would flip over and I didn't want my camera to drown.

When we returned to our tent Paul brewed a hot pot of French Press coffee.

I heart him.

That evening we had a nice roaring fire and roasted hotdogs and made s'mores. 

The kids went to bed and Paul and I sat around the fire, chatting, until the fire had completely burned down. Then we headed into the incredibly cold tent.

We crawled into our frosty sleeping bags and quickly fell asleep, not realizing that in a few hours we would be brutally awakened; (not-so-literally) scared for our lives.

I will now resort to stock photos since the tent was dark and my camera was in the car. 

Duke and I suddenly woke up when we heard Paul mumbling "What is that? Oh yuck, what is it???". He had put his hand in something very soft and gushy and he completely freaked out.

His first thought was a wild animal had snuck in the tent and defecated by his sleeping bag. 

Yes, that would have been my first thought also... 

Paul doesn't camp much.

Then a smell of banana wafted to his nose. 

He frantically rolled around, trying to escape out of his mummy sleeping bag, shouting "There are bananas EVERYWHERE!"

It was very late, very dark, and very cold. Yet for some reason Duke and I completely lost it when Paul started screaming about the ATTACK OF THE KILLER BANANAS.

I think I almost died laughing.

Paul calmed down finally when he realized that the bananas were not going to hurt him, and we all went back to sleep.

Luckily Imp was so tired after putting up the tent he slept through the entire thing.

In the cold light of dawn we found one smooshed banana under Paul's sleeping bag.

Camping is not for wimps. And watch out, there could be bananas EVERYWHERE! ;-)

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. So funny! I thought it was gonna be a bear or a snake or something. I never saw the banana coming! This will make a fun story for years to come!

    1. It is so funny how a simple smushed banana can provide hours of entertainment for our family. ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I was almost afraid to scroll down as I thought I'd see some monstrous spider in the banana pile or something I'd never unsee again but I braved it and laughed to find out it was just bananas! Too funny! Hope you had a great time with the fam!

    Lisa D.


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