Sunday, February 14

CoffeeShop "Fashionista Luxe Light" Photoshop/PSE Action!

Happy Valentine's Day! We have a fun-filled day planned. First we will go grocery shopping at Costco and Whole Foods. Then we will enjoy a few hours of yard work. 

OK, that doesn't sound too fun, but we plan on lighting the fire pit tonight and roast hotdogs and s'mores with the kids to celebrate the day. And tonight, after the kids go to bed, I get to watch "Downton Abby" and "Walking Dead". I have an eclectic tv-watching personality. 

My husbands hates "Downton" with a passion, but he does enjoy watching TWD with me.  A glass of wine and zombies; what a perfect way to end Valentine's Day. ;-) 

I really love writing high-fashion actions and I am excited to share my newest one with you today. "Fashionista Luxe Light" is a gorgeous action that adds beautiful light and color and is completely adjustable. You can get so many different edits from this one action. 

If you like this edit, be sure to also check out "Fashionista Luxe". 

I used some gorgeous images from Pixabay for this tutorial. (young forest model, dog sheltieposing lady, conservatory coffee, flowers)

All of the images below were edited with "Fashionista Luxe Light".

Both of these examples were edited with "Fashionista Luxe Light".  This action should be run on an image where you would expect light flare. It looks best on outdoor images images taken inside with window light.

CoffeeShop "Fashionista Luxe Light" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

Here is the original image.

Start the action. The first pop-up prompt will be "Lens Flare". You can move the flare where you want and also adjust the Brightness and Lens Type. I will make this look more realistic when the action finishes running.

This is the image after the action runs, no changes made.

I always like to adjust the "lens flare" layer to make it look more realistic. Alt-click on that layer to see it alone. After adjusting it, do the same to see all of the layers again.

This area bothers me. There are several ways to deal with it. Either Gaussian blur that layer, use a soft black brush to paint off light you don't want, or do a combo of both.

In this case I simply used the black brush method to remove the bottom light.

Here is the image with my "lens flare" adjustments.

Play with the layers to get your own perfect edit. In this example I turned off "haze", "lighten", and "Boost" to add a pop of contrast. I think this is also gorgeous.

In this soft matte edit I turned off "orange tones", "lighten", and "Boost". A completely different look, but also quite nice.

You can also adjust the opacity of the layers.

I hope you love this new action as much as I do! I would love to see your own edits on my Facebook page.

Download the CoffeeShop "Fashionista Luxe Light" Photoshop/PSE Action. You can also download it here or get it in my Action Pack download.

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  1. My God, you're pictures are just simply amazing! So beautiful. The before-pictures for this actions already are so dreamy and the women look like straight out of a fairytale. But then the action and - boom even more fairytale-dreams. Wonderful. I'm looking forward to working with this action!
    (I just shot a couple "sunset in the city" pictures and wonder what this action will look like there!)
    Thank you!


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