Saturday, January 16

{Friday Photo Bliss} on Saturday!

Fridays I like to post my favorite snapshots of the week, but yesterday I wanted to post a new storyboard so I am posting {Friday Photo Bliss} on Saturday.

You will forgive me, right?

We went to our favorite new BBQ/chocolate/coffee restaurant in our small town and had BBQ-baked potatoes.

Well, at least the kids did. Mom and I had the BBQ salad with brisket, sun roasted tomatoes, and goat cheese. And it was yummy!!!

Mom, my sister Heather, and I all put on a few pounds over the holidays and our sugar/carb "dragon" was back, so we decided (well, Heather threatened us to go along with her or else) to do another modified Whole 30. We are following the plan but added dairy. You can read all about my previous weight journey here and see my before/after images.

I pretty much maintained my 20 pound weight loss easily for over two years with daily walks and eating whole foods, but the last two months I got into an evening habit (it was the holidays!) of a glass of wine, some chocolates, some chips, etc.  and gained a few pounds.

Thanks to another Whole 30, in less than two weeks I am down 4 pounds and just a few pounds from where I was a year ago. My belly fat/muffin top is melting away and almost completely gone. I am trying to walk 2-4 miles a day and eating tons of healthy food and I feel great!

The Whole 30 really did change (save) my life. No more inflammation (carpal tunnel, knee issues, achy feet, etc.), almost no fat belly, lots of energy, less anxiety and no depression (these two things have really been an issue in my past), excellent sleep, blood pressure of an athlete, and clearer skin.

I feel like a 20-year-old! Now if only I could stop my hair from graying and my skin from freckling/wrinkling. ;-)

This is my amazing Gata who is 93 years old, still lives alone, and has a younger beau. Her mind is sharp as a tack but she is almost completely deaf. You can't have everything, right? And she loves our little ratties!

NOTE: Ratties are usually not on our couch, this was only for this photo. But isn't Charlotte cute?

View from my couch (the same couch seen above, rat-free) most evening. Piper has decided that his dog bed is just not up to his high standards so he has commandeered our old leather recliner. I should kick him off, but he is just too darn cute.

We went to the mall this week and the boys rode the carousel. When Duke was small he was terrified to ride the horses so we sat on the handicap benches for years and years. He was such a cautious child, but now that he hangs around with our amazing pack of neighborhood boys he is almost fearless (reasonably).

I do think the thrill of "riding the horses" is pretty much over in our house. But I am ok with that.

Minecraft art

Model building (A-10 Warthog)

And temper-tantrum because someone took off their shirt and tied it into a knot and couldn't put it back on again and Mom pulled out her camera to take a photo and that shirtless boy didn't want their picture taken.

He got over it. And Duke got the knot out of Imp's shirt. And Imp still rode home topless.

Winters in Texas. Gotta love them.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. If Imp were to go shirtless where I live he'd freeze in 2 seconds flat. The temp today was -25 Celsius with a windchill of -34. That is approx. -30 F. Yes, I'd definitely like your winters but I'd prefer our summers. I'd never be able to take your heat!

    Another great Photo Bliss. Good luck with your diet plan!

    Lisa D.


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