Tuesday, January 5

CoffeeShop Birthday Photographer Storyboard Set!

I am really excited to post my newest set of photographer storyboards. This set contains one psd file you can open in Photoshop/PSE which allows you to create a completely customized birthday storyboard for your favorite one to five year old! These are sized to fit in 8x10 frames, but you can also use them as web/blog boards.

I cheated in my example because Piper is not yet one (his birthday is April 1st), but I wanted to show you that these storyboards weren't just for human babies but also are perfect for your adorable fur baby. 

You can change the colors of the background, frames around the images, and the birthday numbers on the side. You can also use a custom digital paper/texture for the background or group it with the large number. If you would rather add a caption/logo then just don't turn on the birthday number layers. Be as creative as you want!

I used the free font Nexa Rust on this set.

There are many layers on this psd file, but I color coded the groups to make it easier on you. The clipping masks (tutorial and free action) for the images are all on the top.

On the bottom you will find the Background color (set to white, can be adjusted to your favorite color). If you want to add digital paper, just drag it above the Background color as seen in my screenshot above (Lego-inspired digital paper).

Above the Background Color you will find the "Colored Frame Around Images" color fill adjustment layer. In this case I made it a bright yellow. Make it match your background color if you don't want it to show.

In the middle of the file you will see all of the birthday numbers (1-5). Each group is marked on the left with a different color (see above, all three layers for the numerical/alpha "One" are orange). The big numerical number has a color fill adjustment layer so you can make it any color you want (yellow in this example). The alpha number is white, but you can add a color fill adjustment layer grouped above it to make it any color (blue in this example) or even turn it off.

Don't see the number you want? Just keep all of those birthday layers turned off and add your own number or text. This storyboard would also look great with your logo or a quote to the side.

Download the CoffeeShop Birthday Storyboard Set.

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  1. Thank you for this! I used it to make an invitation for my son's 7th birthday party. I used your chalkboard from another set and added my own text. It just made it so much easier to drop in the photos. https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/16462970_10154101297847163_8546260575888369051_o.jpg?oh=d355a28a26a2535af4c95763376d8c1b&oe=5948BC45

  2. I have tried a few time to DL this storyboad but keep getting an error that it cannot be found. I am bummer out!

    1. The link works, try again using a different browser!


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