Tuesday, December 22

Rest in Peace Dear Little Spotty.

Our beloved little Spotty has passed away today. She is the little rat on the left with a small white dot on her head. About two weeks ago we discovered she had developed a small inflamed mammary tumor. We brought her to the vet and they ran some tests and told us that there was nothing they could do as it was on an area that was too risky to operate. We were sent home with some pain meds and told she would have weeks to possibly months depending on how fast the tumor grew.

Well, it grew too quickly and her little body started shutting down yesterday. We cuddled with her for hours. She was such a kind and gentle soul.

Just a few weeks ago she was exploring a "rat house" that Imp made her out of a box covered in paper and duct tape and a very sticky piece of the tape got stuck on her foot. She was really upset and we couldn't pull it off without fear of hurting her tiny foot. I held on to her while Paul gently worked it off.

She was really scared and upset, but instead of biting me she just frantically licked my hand. Paul was able to remove it without causing any damage and she was back running around happily with her little rattie sisters.

We loved that little rat.

And we will miss her so much.

Rest in peace our little Spotty. You were a great friend.

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