Friday, December 4

CoffeeShop Magic Glitter Pattern and Snow Flake Brush!

I have so many Christmas designs to get out and I am running out of time!  So no {Friday Photo Bliss} images today. :-) Instead, I have a really beautiful glitter pattern and snowflake brush for Photoshop/PSE.
Remember when you were a kid (or a creative adult) and you used old Christmas cards to create your own custom cards? I would cut off the front of the card, use white glue to outline some of the design elements (like a Christmas tree), and then pour on beautiful colored glitter. The fun part was shaking off the excess glitter and making a giant mess! But with the magic of Photoshop/PSE, you can apply gorgeous glitter without any clean-up involved. :-)

You can use this glitter pattern on anything. Use the glitter to outline digital designs, add golden glitter frames to your portraits, or even make beautiful glitter text. You can even change the glitter color!

I made the snowflake brush from this image. And I made the gold glitter pattern from my own glitter paper. I used the Nexa Rust font for "Merry Christmas" in the tutorial below.

For this tutorial I used a beautiful image from Jill Wellington (Etsy ShopFacebook, Blog, YouTube Videos, Pixabay) and two adorable snowman images (one, two) from Klimkin.

And below is a preview of my new action/tuturial coming out on my next post. I am so excited about this edit and can't wait to share it!

Instructions for using the CoffeeShop Magic Glitter Pattern and Snowflake Brush:

I wanted to digitally add gold glitter to this beautiful image from Jill.

Load the gold glitter pattern that comes in this download and add it above your image. You can adjust the scale by clicking on on the pattern fill "Scale" setting.

Fill the layer mask with black.

Now you can paint in gold glitter by using any white brush on the black layer mask!

Add a gold border around your image by selecting a normal hard white brush. Click to select the black layer mask and click on one corner and then use Shift-click on each corner to add a straight border around the image.

You can also use decorative brushes on the layer mask to add artistic borders. Or add a distressed border and group the gold glitter pattern to it to turn it into a golden distressed border.

To create beautiful gold glitter custom text, pick your favorite font and type your message.

Add the gold glitter pattern above the text and then group it. Beautiful!

In this adorable snowman image I used the snowflake brush included in this download.

I added the gold glitter pattern, filled the layer mask with black, and then clicked to select the layer mask and painted on the image with a white snowflake brush. Magic, gold snowflakes! Then I painted around the edges with a hard normal brush.

You can make the gold glitter pattern brighter or darker by grouping a Levels adjustment layer above the glitter and putting it in overlay blending mode or moving the sliders.

You can also use the snowflake brush without the glitter pattern. :-)

Don't want gold glitter, not a problem! I wanted the gold snowflakes and frame to match the little guy's hat, so I added a color fill adjustment layer, grouped it to the gold glitter pattern, clicked on the hat to grab its color, and changed the blending mode to Color.  Pretty!

Have fun adding glitter without the glitter clean-up!!!

Download the CoffeeShop Magic Gold Glitter Pattern and Snowflake Brush here.
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  1. How cool. You know I actually have that snowflake image. I never even thought of using something like that to make my own brush. What a cool idea.

    Thanks as always for great resources and instructions. I'll have to try this out.

    Lisa D.


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