Tuesday, September 8

Labor Day Weekend Photos!

We had a really nice Labor Day weekend with our family.

We went hiking in the woods of our favorite park. It was very hot and humid (the heat index was over 100) and we did not see one other person out there. We figured it was because it was too hot. Texans really love their air conditioning. What wimps!

But then we realized why we were the only idiots hiking during a warm late-summer evening. The snakes were out like crazy! We saw several (my dear husband almost stepped on one) but the highlight of the walk for me was when we were able to witness this buttermilk racer swallowing a giant frog.

This poor snake was on the side of the trail trying to enjoy his weekly dinner in peace when we walked by. He started waving his tail back and forth just like a rattlesnake to warn us off. I wasn't too concerned because it wasn't like he was going to bite me with a huge frog shoved down his throat. However, I have been wrong about snakes before.

We watched him for a while and then finished our walk (making sure to keep an eye out on the trail for other snakes), and when we passed him going out he was still hard at work swallowing that frog. He had moved into the weeds by that time to enjoy his feast without disturbance, so we just noted only the frog legs were sticking out of his mouth now and moved along.

I think this was the first time my husband saw a snake and did not immediately try to kill it. I was so proud.

We also had a big family party at our house to celebrate Granny's (85) and Gata's (93) birthday. Lots of delicious food and wonderful company and  NO SNAKES.

It really was a perfect long weekend.

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