Tuesday, July 7

FREEBIE from Pretty Presets! Pretty: A Resource for the Growing Photographer, Vol. 1

I just received the first issue of Pretty: A Resource for the Growing Photographer, Vol.1 from Pretty Presets. And right now it is available for you to download for free!!!  Read all about it below and click on the links below to go grab your own free copy.  I love a good freebie. :-)

Talking about freebies, I am releasing a beautiful new action tonight or tomorrow morning!  Be sure to keep an eye on my blog or Facebook page. It is called "Dark and Stormy Night" and it is a gorgeous dramatic B&W edit.


Questions about Back-Button Focusing on your camera? Confused about the best way to communicate with your photography clients? Need help with your Welcome Packets? We've got it covered! 
Our first volume of PRETTY has articles about how to package your products in a way that sets you apart from others; how to encourage your clients to take into consideration what they wear for their session; how to properly use back button focus; and so much more. Not only are there articles to read and be energized by, but we've also included a section focused on getting to know some of the talented photographers in our Facebook group. We have close to 200,000 members in our community, so there is an abundance of talent. Our incredible Pretty Presets Group is part of what inspired PRETTY to begin with. Newer photographers are hungry for information, and seasoned photographers sometimes hit a rut. This is where PRETTY comes in!
PRETTY includes gorgeous images for you to be inspired by, incredible articles to encourage you, and showcases talented photographers within our Pretty Presets community.  For a limited time we're offering PRETTY for free.  Don't miss out.  Download it today!
Covered within your download:
    • Welcome Packets
    • Pretty Packaging
    • Putting the Creativity Back In Your Images
    • What to Wear and What Not to Wear
    • JPEG vs RAW
    • The Importance of Continuing Your Photography Education
    • Make Back-Button Focusing your BFF
This download is 134MB.  It will take a few minutes to download.  Interested in a hard copy?  We've made them available through Blurb.  They charge $18.79 for this 80+ page resource.  You can order one here.

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