Sunday, June 28

CoffeeShop "Mocha Velour" Photoshop/PSE Action!

Happy Sunday! Today I have a new action called CoffeeShop "Mocha Velour". This action creates a soft lightly tinted B&W image and is fully adjustable like most of my actions. You can also use this action to create a beautiful dramatic B&W image with no tint.

This action looks best on outdoor portraits/still life with lots of beautiful light.

I used a beautiful images from Jill Wellington (Facebook, Blog, YouTube Videos, Pixabay) on this tutorial today.

CoffeeShop "Mocha Velour" Action Tutorial:

1. Open your image.

2. Run the action.  The final result will be quite hazy. You can adjust the opacity of the "Mocha Velour" layer to add or reduce the haze.  I usually like it around the preset value of 60%, but I also like to use the layer mask to remove some of that layer off the main subject of my image.

3. I clicked on the layer mask of the "Mocha Velour" layer to select it, and used a soft black brush at 20% opacity to paint over the girl.  To see where you are painting Shift-option/Alt click on the layer mask before painting and repeat to remove the red. This also removes the tint so use a soft hand.

Optional: Go one step further and turn off the "Mocha Velour" layer to get a beautiful high contrast B&W edit.

One thing I love about so many of my actions is you can turn off layers and create custom edits that are gorgeous (and completely different than what you see on the post "ad"). Don't be afraid to play with the layers, you can customize your own perfect edit!

Download the CoffeeShop "Mocha Velour" Photoshop/PSE action. You can also download it here.

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  1. Very pretty!!! How do you think up the creative names for your actions?


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