Monday, April 27

Imp turns 8. How can that be?

We have had a fun and busy week because my baby boy just turned eight.  Or as Duke says, he is now "infinity" set on its side.

I made this chocolate cheesecake without the crust and we named it "Death by Chocolate".  We don't eat many sweets, but this cake was completely worth the sugar crash.  I had to take a nap post-cake.

We had a small family party because I am not the "hostess with the mostess" if a party involves lots of hyper kids running around.  Imp was fine with that because Dad made homemade pizza, I made cake, and there were presents involved.  

We had a few family members at the house to help celebrate (including my 92-year-old grandmother), but my mom and sister Heather couldn't come because they are in Dallas playing with Heather's new little baby boy.  Yes, we had two birthdays this week.

Life is good.

I don't want you to think I am a heartless person who doesn't "socialize" my boys.  ;-)  As part of Imp's birthday week we spent a day at the beach (followed with mini golf) with one of their best friends.

The water was cold so I wasn't sure they would go swimming.  They started out digging in the sand.

That didn't last long.  We always bring a trunkful of beach toys and they usually go unused.

They ran around like puppies.

And had a blast.

And then they got brave (or stupid!) and decided to go swimming.

We sat on the beach and watched them.  I love the ocean but I love it from afar when the water is cold.

But they didn't care.

And they swam, dived, jumped waves, and floated for over an hour.

When they finally came out they were little ice cubes.

Wow, my little boy looks so big in this picture.  Did I mention he just turned eight?

It seemed like just yesterday when I had a toddler running on the beach.

Life flies by so fast when you are having fun. Take the time to enjoy it!

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  1. Happy Birthday Imp. Hope your day was wonderful. I really like you name and the cake looks delicious. :)


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