Tuesday, April 28

CoffeeShop Light Overlay Set and Photoshop/PSE Tutorial on Adding Light!

On Sunday I I blogged about my "Magic Light Overlay Creator" Photoshop/PSE action.  Today I will show you how I create these simple light overlays in Photoshop and PSE.  I also have a link on the bottom of this post where you can download three overlays created by this tutorial if you would rather not use an action.  You can also download the companion action called "Blissful Light" that loads these light overlays and adds golden light and a slight haze to your images.

Tutorial-Simple Light Overlay Design in Photoshop or PSE (without using my action):

1. In Photoshop or PSE select File, New from the top menubar and create a new document 6000px by 4000px.  I make my light overlays large so that I can use them on high resolution images.

2. Make the foreground color white and background color black (see screenshot above) and grab your gradient tool (G) and click on the first gradient preset (which should be white to black, see above).  Press OK.

3.  Drag your gradient tool from the point where you want the light to start and across the image.  This overlay sample will give a pop of hazy light on the upper left of an image.

Drag your new overlay onto your image, resize (Ctrl-T) to fit, and then put it in Screen blending mode and adjust the opacity.

You can really have fun creating overlays in different colors if you want to add warm or cool light.  Have fun playing!!!

Download the CoffeeShop "Light Overlay Set".  You can also download it here.

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