Tuesday, April 7

CoffeeShop "Bluebell Mist" PS/PSE Action and Fine Art Texture!

Today I am excited to post a new action and fine art texture!  I call this PS/PSE action "Bluebell Mist" and it is really gorgeous on still life images and can even work on some outdoor portraits.

I also created a really useful and pretty fine art painted texture that I included in this download.  To create this texture in PS I made a gray new document and then applied the cloud filter (in white and gray) and then ran a few of the Impression filters on it.  This is a great painted texture that you can use anywhere, not just with this action.

I used two beautiful images from Pixabay in this tutorial.  If you want to download these images and follow along with my tutorial, here is the link for the blue berries and here is the link for the rose image.

CoffeeShop "Bluebell Mist" PS/PSE Action and Texture Tutorial:

1. Open your image in Photoshop or PSE.  Run "Bluebell Mist".

2.  This action has four layers on top of the Background.  Soft Bluebell adds the hazy blue tint and you will find two "add contrast" layers about it.  The Contrast layers are both turned on but you can turn one or both off for more haze.  The top Define layer adds a bit of definition to the darks of the image.

This is a really pretty soft edit, but when there is this much haze I love to add some texture for interest.

3.  The "Bluebell Mist" download also contains this painted fine art texture I created in Impressions.  Open the texture and place it on your image under the Define layer.  You can alternatively "Place" the texture on the image.

4. In this edit I put the texture in Overlay blending mode.  You can also use soft light.  If you want more texture make a copy of the texture layer and adjust the opacity to taste.

I love this effect on floral images and I think this edit is gorgeous.  I used my simple web frame action to add a small white frame and drop shadow effect.

I hope you enjoy this new action, texture, and tutorial! I would love to see your own art using my actions and textures over on my Facebook page.

Download the CoffeeShop "Bluebell Mist" PS/PSE action and fine art texture.  

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  1. Oh... this is lovely Rita, thank you!

  2. Wow Rita. What a really cool effect especially when you add the FA texture to it. I just went through the tut and it was so quick. Thanks for action, texture and of course the tutorial.

    Lisa D.


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