Saturday, March 21

Our week in review.

Following the current plastic surgery trend, Imp tested out some temporary "Kim Kardashian Style XLB-2015" rear implants.  I found this interesting since he has no idea who she is (lucky boy), yet he realized instinctually that he must stay abreast of the current body-reshaping trends.  

Unfortunately the implant popped shortly thereafter.  

Imp is weird.


We are getting so much rain after years of drought and lately I feel that I am getting a "taste of Ireland" as everything is so green and damp.  When the rain lets up we try to get outside.  Here you see Blackberry is giving me her "speed-up slowpoke" look while my husband is riding our seven-year-old's bike.

My husband is weird.

One of the kids' favorite activity is playing in the drainage ditches.  Duke spent an hour throwing clumps of fire ants at the top of the cement ditch and watching them drift down into the drainage hole.  He did get stung a few times but he seemed to think the excitement was worth the pain.

Duke is weird.

Blackberry is smart enough to know that Duke's bed is warm, dry, and cuddly.  Spoiled mutt.  But she isn't weird like my kids, just a normal dog living the life.

Our three rats are spoiled-rotten too.  They started chewing out of their cage a few weeks ago. What idiot designs a rat cage with a plastic bottom?  What idiot buys a rat cage with a plastic bottom? ;-)

Thanks to their natural rat-ways we had to invest in a new all-metal cage.  Believe me, it was worth every penny considering I didn't want three rodents loose in the house.  Loose at least until Blackberry ate them and the boys realize their beloved pets became tasty little chewy dog treats.

We found this amazing sewing site with instructions to sew all types of rat hammocks, bunkbeds, tubes, houses, etc. and the boys and I went to town.  I cut scrap fabric pieces out with my rotary cutter and Duke sewed everything up.  We put grommets on the ends and hung them with large safety pins.  The rats are in heaven.

OK, I am weird too.  When you start sewing things for your pet rats it pretty much shows that you are way past eccentric and headed directly to Crazy Town...

This week we went to a local free nature class on lightening and then went for a walk.  Duke threatened to throw Imp into the snake-infested water (sometimes I hear my husband talking in my head as I type).  Luckily for Imp, Duke is not incredibly strong.

I told them they were weird homeschooled kids and they just shrugged it off.  I guess they figure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...  Poor kids.

I hope you had a great week in your neck of the woods.  I have tons of new freebies coming out starting this weekend, so be sure to check them out.  Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Very entertaining post today!

  2. Love your weird family! When I had rats, they loved the little hammocks I would sew for them. And then they would chew them up. And I would make more. Kept us all busy, I guess!

    1. So I am not the only one who enjoys sewing mini rat hammocks? That makes me feel better. :-). Our rats don't mess with hammocks but they tear up their fleece liners.

  3. Lucky boy indeed to not know of the wonderful Kim K! If only I could stop hearing about her in my world! I loved the post :)

    I think sewing things for critters is perfectly acceptable :) Of course half my crafting budget goes to making cage liners and accessories for my guinea pigs and my friends DO call me the Crazy Cavy Lady thinking it's normal might not mean much!

  4. What a fun post and definitely what I needed right now to lift my spirits. Thanks for sharing Rita.

  5. I agree Lora, my boys don't get exposed to much celebrity gossip thank goodness. ;-) And I think you would be fun to hang out with so we could discuss sewing for our little buddies!!!

    And thank you Decosse!!!

  6. I was laughing so hard! Your hubby riding the little bike and looking like it was a blast!


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