Monday, February 23

CoffeeShop "Gossamer Wings" Color Photoshop/PSE Action!

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I had such an amazing positive response on my Gossamer Wings B&W action, that I decided to write a color version.  This action not only adds a beautiful white fade on the edges of your image, but it also adds a soft glow and rosy tone to baby skin.  This action would be lovely on portraits of girls and women.

I used a beautiful baby image from Jill Wellington (FacebookBlog) in this tutorial.

CoffeeShop "Gossamer Wings" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

Run the action on your image.  After the action finishes you will have four new layers above your background.  You are going to have to paint on the layer masks in this action (tutorial).

I start with the White Wings layer.  Click on the layer mask and paint on the image with a black soft brush to remove excess white. Then do the same on the B&W layer to remove the B&W effect off the portrait.

This is my final edit.  As you can see I removed the White Wings layer off the baby and turned down the opacity of that layer to 52%. This made the white edges fade more subtle.  I then copied that layer mask to the B&W layer to add back the color on the baby.  You can also just paint on the B&W layer mask directly if you don't want to copy the layer mask.

I kept the Glow and Rosy skin turned on in this edit and just adjusted the opacities to taste.

I hope you enjoy playing with my newest action and I would love to see your before and after images on my Facebook page!

Download the CoffeeShop Gossamer Wings Photoshop/PSE action.  You can also download it here.

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