Sunday, January 4

Feeling Better Finally and Exciting News about Jill Wellington's and My Collaboration!!!

I was uploading my images from my camera to my computer and enjoyed seeing these two photos below.  (I used the Pretty Presets Fine Art Film "Matte Color" preset on these images.) Just a week or two ago (before we caught the flu) we went bike riding in the new neighborhood they are building behind us.  I hated to see them tear out the forest (it still makes me sad), but we are making the best of it and decided to ride by the creek.  They left the trees bordering the creek as it floods and they can't build there, so the bike ride was quite nice.

The best part of our exploration was finding this fantasy boy playground where they dug out an area for the dirt and left a really neat gully surrounded by climbable mountains of sand.  Needless to say the boys went home wet, cold, and dirty but with huge smiles on their faces.  They didn't even mention Minecraft once.  ;-)


Now that the rains have stopped for a while and we are feeling better l I told the boys we will go back there and explore some more.  It better still be there or I am going to have two miserable boys crying on my shoulder.

Now for my exciting news! You might have noticed that I have been using photos from Jill Wellington in some of my tutorials recently.  She has left lovely comments here on my blog for years and years and I chanced upon her at Pixabay and had to write and tell her I loved her work.  She is not only a talented pro photographer but also a photo-editing artist that loves to teach.

We started emailing and became fast friends (she is so incredibly sweet and talented) and she suggested we put our creative minds together and collaborate through our blogs by posting more tutorials and editing/design freebies.  I have to confess I am really excited to work with her because now I have an unlimited amount of gorgeous photos (of girls and women, YAY!) to play with to create new freebies for my blog AND I am going to be learning along with you how she sets up her creative photo shoots, captures gorgeous images in-camera, and how she creates her fantasy photo art.  It is a match made in heaven and I think we all benefit.

The before and after in the screenshot above is Jill's work.  I had seen the snowy after and asked her how she edited it and when she sent the before no-snow image my mouth dropped open.  She creates digital magic and she is going to share her techniques (including this one) with us!!!  Her skin tones are to die for in her portraits and I am going to make sure she tells us all of her secrets.  Hear that Jill?

I am really excited about our new adventure and know that our collaboration will make this blog so much more fun and informative for you.  And did I mention I am excited about the endless hours of editing fun I am going to have using Jill's photos?  Life is grand!

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  1. I am pinching myself that I get to work with Rita, whose blog I have visited and learned from for several years.

    You have to admit...when it comes to great editing and design tips...Rita is the BEST and so kind to share for FREE!

    Cheers to Rita for all her hard work and to the new year ahead...It's going to be EXCITING!

  2. Great news about your and Jill's combined newsletter! It is exciting to have the two of you share knowledge with all of us, Thanks!

  3. Looking forward to it...

  4. Rita, I always enjoy your work. It's cool you can collaborate with Jill now. Her alteration of the summer photo is amazing! I look forward to seeing what you two can do together.

  5. Just found Jill's blog a day or two ago and am so excited about learning from her. Her work is gorgeous and she explains her edit so good always love Rita's help.


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