Wednesday, January 28

CoffeeShop Lightroom "Matte Color" Preset Set!

Low-contrast "Matte" editing, which creates an image that looks like it was printed on matte paper, has been really popular for some time now.  Check out the images on Unsplash, many of them are edited using this type of "matte" technique. When this first came out a few years ago I wasn't sure about it, but now I love using it on my own edits, especially wall art.

I recently upgraded to LR5 so all the more reason to play and create new freebies for my blog.  I had a hankering to design a set of matte color presets and I think you will really enjoy this set.  This has five presets (Blush, Burgundy Wine, Cool Breezes, Drama, and Heavenly) and a Reset preset (I am a poet and didn't know it).

I ran "Burgundy Wine" on this version.  Aside note:  I have issues with both typos AND spelling.  As I was working on this post I noticed I had spelled Burgundy two ways, both wrong. I named the preset "Burgandy Wine" and on my ad I had spelled it "Burgendy Wine".  After looking at both versions I thought the correct spelling was "Burgundy" but I had to look it up to confirm before updating all of the misspelled files.  ;-)

I hope you enjoy playing with this new matte preset set. I will create a B&W version next.

If you are new to loading presets you can follow this great tutorial at Pretty Presets. And make sure to check out their weekly preset specials and sign up for the  free "Mastering brushes and gradient filters" webinar coming out in a few days. Just page down to the bottom of the page to register for free.

Download the free CoffeeShop "Matte Color" Lightroom Preset Set for LR4 and up.  You can also download it here.

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