Saturday, December 6

Orion, Rats, and Birthday Boy!

It has been a busy and exciting week at our house.

Spotty Dotty and Charlotte (our baby gray ratties) met their long-lost sisters Moon and Star (who live with their cousin) and everyone got along brilliantly.  Domino, our rat who thinks she is a human that hates all rats with a passion, was not part of this party.  Yes, for 24 hours I had five pet rats in my house.

We found a bit of sun this week which was nice.

The boys decorated the tree (except for the top).  The last years we have had a 6 foot $35 dollar artificial tree from Walmart.   It was pretty ratty and when we took it out of the box this year most of the lights were burned out.

We went tree shopping and decided to get something a bit taller since our ceilings are higher in this house and we found this tall skinny one for $150.    I have never spent so much for a fake tree, but this tree is really pretty and it is nice not having the Christmas tree stop short four feet under the ceiling this year.   Plus having all of the lights work is a plus.  :-)

The kids are building this huge hotel out of Legos and they proudly pointed out that this medieval guy is sitting on the toilet.

We got up before 6 AM our time (twice) to watch Orion blast-off.  This was the first morning.  Everyone was excited (I know, not reflected in the images) and then disappointed that the first day was scrubbed.  My husband's niece works on the Orion (computer programming) so many of his family members were there in Florida to witness the blastoff.  I was really jealous.

They got up at 3 AM the first day.  I was suddenly happy to be watching the entire thing on TV.

Yayyyy! Blast off!!!  Deep-space exploration, here we come!!!

We also had a birthday party for a young man who just turned ten.  Instead of cake he ordered cookies which I made using this recipe (and substituting 1/4 cup of the almond flour with hazelnut flour, YUM!).

Today the boys are building their Mega Bloks Call of Duty Heavy Armor Outpost Duke received from my parents.  Yay, more Lego-type blocks all over the floor hurting my feet and popping up in the most unusual places.  ;-)

How is December treating you so far?

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