Sunday, September 21

Fall is Coming!!!

After a long, hot, and dry summer; Autumn made her quiet introduction this week and we met her with great joy.  We woke up one rainy morning and decided to go visit our local park. I knew it would be empty because it was wet and a school day.  This is one of the many perks of homeschooling (peace and quiet).

I have been a true hippy-dippy ex-scientist lately and decided it was the perfect humid day to test out my new "safe" homemade foundation (wonderful for my "mature" skin), powder (I only use a tiny bit because it can emphasize my wrinkles), eye-liner (coconut oil and Activated Charcoal applied with eyeliner brush), and blush (Hibiscus Flower Powder mixed with Arrowroot Powder).   I have been using these for a few days and my skin has never looked better, but I was curious how homemade makeup would hold up to outdoor play.

They all worked GREAT!  Even my eyeliner stayed on my very watery eyes.  My skin felt so soft and wonderful and the foundation did not run one bit (thanks to the beeswax).

We got to the park and as predicted it was almost empty except for the ducks and geese who came by to attack greet us.  Unfortunately (?) we forgot to bring snacks for them so they didn't hang out with us long.

BTW, I used the Pretty Preset Chamomile preset on these images. I think it is the perfect preset for fall.

Acorns and fat squirrels were everywhere.

The usually dusty-gray Spanish moss was colored brilliant green due to the rain and overcast skies.  I asked the boys to use it as a wig and this is the face they gave me.  It was probably a good thing since it is filled with bugs and other icky things you wouldn't want on your head.

We hit the swings.  They even asked me to swing them.  Ahhhh, it reminds me of when they were tiny tots…  In diapers…  Screaming…  Sleepless nights…  Did I mention I love having kids over six years of age?  ;-)

And the puddles.  Duke wouldn't go in them because he was convinced they were full of flesh-eating bacteria thanks to me reading the kids interesting science and health news articles.  He better get over it because we are heading to the beach soon and the ocean is full of scary things.  After all, we did watch that Shark Imax that tried to convince me that sharks were lovable creatures.  It didn't work...

Finally they hit one of the playsets and complained that it was too small.  I pointed out it was for children under five.  Gulp, they are so big now.  Diapers.  Screaming.  Sleepless nights. I love my seven and nine year old.

It was a glorious "fall preview" day at the park.  Of course, it is going to be back in the 90's this week, but we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Have a great Sunday!!!

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  1. Wow! You made your own makeup!! I love this picture of you:) So pretty!!


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