Wednesday, September 24

Birthday Month!

My husband and I decided a few years ago that we would take birthday trips each year rather than mess with presents.  I usually pick Galveston Island (late summer/early fall) and he picks Fredericksburg, TX (fall) and we shoot for a long weekend of relaxation.  Then we remember we are bringing the two boys with us and we pack wine for us and Benadryl for the kids.

OK, I am joking about the Benadryl for the kids.  It would make more sense for me to take one since it knocks me out for hours and goodness knows I need the sleep.  The few times I gave the boys a half dose for allergies/wasp stings they became wild and crazy.  More wild and crazy than normal.

We just got back from our beach birthday trip and we had perfect weather and a wonderful time.  Unfortunately I got back too well-rested (OK, lazy…) and today after trying to catch the boys up in school I have spent a few hours on the computer trying to get my new action finalized and failed miserably.

I hate that I haven't posted anything in a few days, so here is a fun photo from my trip (more coming soon!) and a promise that I will post a new action, preset, and paper pack later this week.  I have everything almost completed and just need a few uninterrupted hours.

As I type this little Imp is explaining to me how my sewing machine works after dumping Domino the rat on my shoulder.  I think she just made a nest in my unbrushed hair.  The many joys of motherhood.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

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