Tuesday, September 30

CoffeeShop "Haze Off" Lightroom Preset: Removes Haze and Adds a Golden Tone!

OK, I am really a crazy rat-lady now.  I have blogged about how much our family adores our little rat Domino.  When we got her I did not do my research and had no idea that it was best to get rats in pairs. They are very social and need a buddy so they won't be lonely when we aren't around.  We play with Domino all of the time, but she needs a nighttime snuggle/play buddy.

I didn't want to get another pet store rat as they are infamous for getting sick (and bred mostly for snake food…), and I finally found a pet rat breeder in Texas with babies!  We hope to get one-two babies and I am also getting two babies for my niece and nephew.  The breeder just sent me a photo of our baby ratties and I wanted to share.  They have beautiful silver coats and will be ready to come home in a few weeks.  We are only getting females as I don't want the rats to overtake the humans in our house.

Yes, I am nuts.  ;-)

Today I am posting a new free Lightroom 4 and up preset called "Haze Off".

I created this action to run on some images I took at the beach last week.  It was early morning and there was a beautiful haze in the air. However, when I started editing the images I decided I wanted to remove some of the haze and add a golden tint so the images would look like they were taken in the late afternoon.  I am really happy how they turned out, and I hope you enjoy using this preset on your own outdoor, hazy images.

I have some digital paper and a really nice Photoshop retouching tutorial coming out this week.  My creative mojo has come back!!!

I just realized I have a lot of photos of the boys running away from me and my camera.  ;-)

Download the CoffeeShop "Haze Off" Lightroom (4 and up) preset.  You can also download it here.

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  1. Awww... the rats are so cute! I love rodents, too. :-)

  2. I would love this for Photoshop...hint, hint... :-)

  3. Hi Rita! I loveeee your work, your pictures are sooo lovely!!
    I downloaded some of your free presets but they don't look so cool in my computer :( I have my screen calibrated so I think I should be fine... What I am doing wrong??
    Thank you very much!

    1. Mila, all actions won't look great on all images, that is normal. This action needs light in the picture, it would be dreadful on an inside image. :-). That is why I write so many actions, so I can always find one that works for each image.

  4. Hi! Is there a haze off preset for PS?

    1. Not like this one. Might just check and see if I can write one! Rita


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