Tuesday, August 5

CoffeeShop Lilac Frost Photoshop/PSE Action!

I am so excited to release my newest action, CoffeeShop Lilac Frost.  I loved all of the names you suggested on my Facebook page, but "Lilac Frost" really grabbed my attention so thank you Courtney and Tamshannon.  Some of the other name suggestions are so great they are going to inspire me to write more actions that fit them.

Lilac Frost is a fully adjustable action that adds lilic tint and light and looks lovely on portraits that have areas of light and dark such as the sample used in this post.

(Photo by Vanilla Tree Photography. Check out her new action set!)

Here is a before and after sample using CoffeeShop Lilac Frost.

I used a beautiful image from Pixabay in this edit.

This is what the image looks like after the action finished running.  Way too purple!   In most images you will have to adjust the opacities of the top lilac color fill layer and paint on the layer masks of the Add Light and one or more of the lilac color fill layers to remove excess haze and color on skin.

This is my first edit.  I put the top lilac color fill layer at 26% and used a soft black brush at 100% to remove all of that color tint from her skin.  I could continue to remove more lilac tint from the image/and her skin by adjusting the opacities of the layers and using a soft black brush on the layer masks.

In my second version I turned off the two top lilac color fill layers and didn't paint on any layer masks. I love this subtle edit as her skin tone is very natural.

I hope you enjoy this new action! Download the CoffeeShop Lilac Frost Photoshop/PSE action.  You can also download it here.

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