Thursday, August 7

Arggggh! Summer is almost over???

Back when I was just a young thing, I remember waiting for my mother in the car while she talked with my friend Amy's mother.  As all bored children, I half-listened to their boring adult conversation, but one sentence really stuck out and I remember it to this day.  

Amy's mother mentioned that she couldn't believe it was already July, and once it was July the summer would rush by and the next thing you know school would start.

Oh my gosh, that is so true.  Where did the summer go? 

We have had so much fun this summer and even went on a few short trips which I will blog about later.  But mostly we just hung around our neighborhood.  Last week we biked to the big neighborhood behind us and borrowed their playground.   No one was out there since I am the only idiot mom who brings her kids to the playground when the heat index is around 100 degrees.

These boys can't keep their hands off each other.  They are exactly like Lab puppies, always jumping on each other and getting into giant messes.

Case in point, look at this muddy-boy mess.  We were exploring the construction site of the same neighborhood's subdivision expansion and Imp "accidentally" stepped in some mud that turned out to be similar to quicksand.  He was completely stuck up to his ankles within a second.

Of course, Duke had to go and rescue him.  Then Duke got stuck and Dad had to go rescue both of them.  I asked the kids why they did not use their knowledge about quicksand from Bear Grylls and AVOID STEPPING IN IT.

And where are Imp's shoes?

Yeah, this is what I have to deal with almost daily…  Thank goodness it was not wet cement and just incredibly sticky muddy-clay and washed off.

Dad carried Imp home since he wouldn't wear his muddy shoes and was a bit upset that we were making fun of him for getting so muddy and stuck when we had made it around the "quicksand" safely.  I usually try to avoid muddy areas myself, but I have an extra X chromosome which apparently makes me smarter.

My husband is smart enough to stay out of quicksand apparently, but he loves a good mess as much as the boys.  He decided to stain part of our new fence so it will blend in more with the trees.

When he was finished for the day he was able to blend in with the new stained fence.  I swear I looked over there at one point and didn't even noticed him.

Normally he looks much cleaner.  I have been wanting to post this fuzzy photo of my sister Heather, my sweetie (he is so darn cute!), and me from two weeks ago.   There is a winery in the country about 30 minutes away and they have concerts outside every Sunday night during the summer and fall.  We sip wine and enjoy a picnic while the kids run in the fields and catch fireflies and play ball.

I decided we needed more girls in this family, so this week we welcomed a new family member.  Her name is Domino and she is a rat.  I had a rat in college that was an excellent pet, and when I saw this little cutie at the pet store she reminded me of my little Cessna and we decided to bring her home.

I decided she is a great homeschooling project and that all kids need to have a pet rat.  Along with a dog.  And a future cat.  ;-)

The same day they brought her home they were already creating a giant maze to test her intelligence.

Apparently Domino is pretty smart and figured out she could escape right over the walls at the start of the maze.

Maybe the question in our house should be "Are you smarter than the rat?".  I bet Domino wouldn't have become stuck in quicksand…  ;-)

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  1. Rita, I so love your blog. You have a beautiful family and I love when you post about what the boys are doing. Thanks for all you share, especially your actions, etc.

  2. Thank you Sharon! I have the best readers in the world.


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