Tuesday, October 15

Even the Jetsons had a real dog...

I really hate going to Walmart. Target I enjoy, but Walmart drives me crazy. When I bring my 91 year old Grandmother shopping, we go to Walmart because that is her favorite grocery store.  She loves Walmart.  The boys and I drop her off for a few hours and then pick her up at the Walmart McDonald's, where she is usually enjoying a lukewarm cup of coffee and chatting with the other older folks who love Walmart.

I think I hate Walmart because of the lighting.  Have you noticed as a photographer you really are affected by things like lighting in stores?  My six year old already knows the difference between warm and cool lighting, and that Mom prefers warm light bulbs at home.  I noticed that fast food restaurants are slowly losing their surgical, cool lighting in favor of soft, warm lighting.  Walmart needs to get on the bandwagon.

Anyway, I was going somewhere with this rambling post.  As much as I hate Walmart, there are times I have to go to pick up specific things that are cheaper there.  Last night we ran out of toilet paper (crazy since I am the only girl in the house so I should keep tabs on these things), and I decided to do a late Walmart run rather than go during the day with the boys.

I got there at 10 PM and it was a tomb.  I rushed around getting toilet paper, a vinyl tablecloth for the front porch, oven mitts, tape (those boys go through tape like crazy), and a bird feeder.  I was making such great time I decided to go to the games section and see if I could find a new one for Duke.  He loves games.

As I was walking down the toy aisle these horrid, robotic dog barks destroyed the peaceful natural of my late-night adventure.  I looked up and  was greeted by Zoomer.

I had to take a photo of Zoomer because I was so impressed by the tagline on the ad.  "Zoomer, your REAL best friend."

Really?  I can pay $79.95 at Walmart and get a REAL best friend?  Who knew it was so easy? Back in my days we had to get best friends the hard way; meeting tons of kids and finding one that actually "got" you.  It wasn't always easy, especially when you were a nerd with nicknames such as "Read-a Book" and "Rita Mosquita" and "Rita P.I.T.A.".

Kids are so lucky these days; technology rocks.  Since Zoomer was potentially going to be my new REAL best friend, I decided to read a bit more about him on his website.  I hoped we had a lot in common.

OK, I am over 5 years of age, so that is good.  And Zoomer is loving and loyal, just like my husband and kids.  I do prefer a best friend with these qualities.  Zoomer doesn't always listen and is a bit rambunctious which means he fits perfectly in our family.

He speaks many languages so he is educated.  I like having educated friends.  And he doesn't make a mess, need vaccinations, and I don't need to be responsible for him.

You know, I am thinking that I shouldn't have had kids and just had Zoomer instead.  My kids are messy, need vaccinations, and it is taking huge amounts of responsibility to raise them.  Not to mention that they can be quite unloving at times...  And my kids cost much more than $79.95 + batteries...

Wait a minute!  OK, reading the fine print, I think Zoomer might not be the REAL best friend for me.  "If you press the button on Zoomer's back, he'll reward you with a random trick."

Random trick?  I have had pets reward me with random tricks; on me and the floor.  These "tricks" involved a "yuck" and a wet paper towel...  Maybe Zoomer is not so perfect.  I can't believe it, where is the truth in advertising?

Perhaps my family should be old-fashioned and keep our human REAL best friends.  They aren't perfect, but I don't have to go to Walmart to meet them.  ;-)  And I already have a REAL dog named Blackberry.  She is the perfectly-flawed family pet.

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  1. I'm laughing so hard at this right now. I totally agree. My Human friends and my dirty mutt will do just fine for me :)

  2. Too funny! Does the best friend run on batteries?! And I'm with you...I only go to Walmart when absolutely necessary, Target is my favorite. And I've told my husband it has to do with the lighting and set-up. Kinda like Costco and Sam's near me. I much prefer the Costco with their skylights. Enjoy your real best friends!

  3. Loved this article about Zoomer. I just bought Zoomer for my little grandson's birthday this week. I think I prefer my two "real" doggies but my grandson doesn't have a "real" dog and loves mine. He has wanted Zoomer for some time now so he could at least have a dog that would be close to a real one like mine. Maybe when he gets a little older his parents will let him have a real doggie.

  4. I was reading the reviews of Zoomer on Amazon and apparently he is a huge hit and kids love him. Personally, he freaks me out a bit!


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