Wednesday, October 16

CoffeeShop Web Boards 8!

Today I am posting a new storyboard you can use on your website, blog, or on greeting cards. This storyboard is a psd file and has clipping masks so you can quickly add your images.  I added a layer that you can turn on with the map of the numbers in case you have issues figuring out which clipping mask goes with each location.

New to clipping masks?  Read my tutorial!!!

Download the free CoffeeShop Web Boards 8.  You can also download it here. (Note:  This is not an action.)

Do you want to download my favorite CoffeeShop Actions or Design Elements in one convenient zipped file AND help support this blog? Just click here for my action pack or here for a download of some of my most popular design elements, storyboards, and textures.


  1. Thank you! I often forgot to leave a bit of appreciation to recognize your talent and generosity!

  2. Thank you again :-). I will be on uni holidays un a month and have so many things I want to try on here including this storyboard.

  3. You are always so generous to share your wonderful actions and boards. Thank you so much. I am curious...what sort of project/forum would any of you use this particular sized web board for? I am looking for inspiration. Would this go on a blog or facebook or something else? Thanks


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